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BELGRADE Autumn Harvest

Pastor Kende from Budapest sent a team led by Pastor Zoli to help us with our autumn harvest.  Also, Pastor Julian with his wife Natella joined us from Romania for those days. It was GREAT and it was GOD. These pictures will tell you more than words. 


Oh, what friend we have in Jesus… and also in Pastor Kende. He invited us to a marriage seminar in Hungary. Many other guests came also, among whom were Pastor Mihail from Romania, many Hungarian pastors with their wives. Look at the pictures below and find seven differences :o)

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On our way TO the marriage seminar.


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On our way FROM the marriage seminar.

You would not believe what an intensive time under the Word of God can do to your marriage.


So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests. (Matthew 22:10 KJV)

Our evangelism never lacks adventure and excitement over lost souls, which are found. God takes us to places we would never go. Thus we have witnessed to a niece of Marina Abramovic (Serbian Top Ranked Witch who lives in NY), we witnessed to a secret police, we witnessed to a murderer, we witness to refugees, and also the homeless. Prayers are needed both for the Word to fall on broken ground, and also for wisdom and protection.
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The Gospel Cube Evangelism in Action


Please continue to pray for team members to join us, and for our visas for living Serbia.

Pray that books and booklets by GGWO writers would be donated to us as we want to start our own local GGWO Church Library with books by Dr. Stevens (e.g. Forgiven Forgotten, Forgive Me, I Am Human), books by  P. Schaller, P. Chris Moore, etc.

Pray for traveling mercies and provision as we want to travel and evangelize all parts of Serbia. 
In His love, the Bulicek family