We just returned from the annual GGIS High School Retreat. This is a time when we take all the students from grades 7-12 out into the country side in Hungary and spend three days playing sports, getting to know each other, having competitions, and of course praising God.

It is always so much fun to watch the new students at the retreat. While school had already been in session for two weeks, we had three new students start school on the morning of the retreat. Their jaws all collectively seemed to hit the floor as they saw what incredible life there was.

I pretty much run the show, but I base almost everything off of what I learned from Camp Life growing up. It’s my job to make the schedule, make sure events run smoothly, kids are supervised, and that equipment is brought. Besides that, I also ran most of the events, did the announcing, made sure that things happened on time, led barn dancing, campfire songs, and also preached one night.

Receivers and Producers

I remember something my good friend, Pastor Barry, once said to me. Some people are excellent receivers, they are like sponges and soak up everything, but I am more of a producer. I have found that when I am active and busy in ministry, I have the most to keep pouring out. 

Let the Fire Burn

My message Friday night was at the campfire. Last year I spoke about how to keep the fire in our hearts burning, and how we can’t just leave incredible times with God and forget that they happened. This year, I spoke about what to do now that the fire in us is burning. 

In Exodus 3, the Bible says that Moses stopped what he was doing, turned aside, and drew near to see a great site. This was the burning bush in the wilderness. Out of the fire came the Word of God. This is just like us. People stop, turn aside, and draw near to the fire of God in us. We have words for them, we can encourage and edify, we can share God’s will with them. 

A final point I made was that we can sometimes be shy about the fire of God burning in us. Sometimes there is a temptation to hide it. Maybe our reputations are at stake, maybe we are afraid that if people know we are on fire for God, they will think we are weird. 

We can’t let that hinder us.

Remember in Judges 7, when Israel broke the clay pots and let the light from their torches shine, there was a miracle that took place and their enemy was defeated. That’s the exact same thing that can happen with us. When I am broken, that’s when my light will truly shine. 


Lastly, if you could, I would like you to pray for a young man. He was in our school for three years, but just returned to his home country. He came from a bit of a rough background, but really became part of the GGIS family during his time here. Not only that, but he prayed with me to accept Christ last year. However, his family are all practicing Muslims. In his final days with us, I asked him if there is anything that I could pray for and the one thing he wanted was to find other believers with whom he could fellowship in his new school.
Jon Cook