Burning in the Heart


Do They Know?

God has placed an indelible mark on my heart for the Balkans, and it is a burning that I am thankful to share. It is my hope that it will lead you to prayer and even consider joining the work God is doing here.

Albania, with a population of around 3 million, has an evangelical population of .o5%. That translates to around 15,000 born-again believers in the entire country. This may seem shocking, but this number pales in comparison to countries like Bosnia (.06% / 2,225); Slovenia (.09% / 1,822); and Montenegro (.05% / 312). The facts are that of the 12 Balkan nations, only 3 have more than 20,000 believers.

Go and Tell

Over the last 15 years, we have evangelized all but 2 of the Balkan countries. This year we are planning to go to Slovenia for the first time. The trip will be in August, and we are hoping many will join us. Our last missions trip to Bosnia and Montenegro, was life changing. To see the lasting effects of the recent wars, the lack of hope in the eyes of the people, and the openness with which they received the Gospel message proved that these fields are ripe for harvest.

Reach Out

The church in Tirana is doing well by God’s grace. Jayne and I are in the north of the country starting a new church plant. The city of Shkodra is beautiful and strategic; it is very near to both Montenegro and Kosovo. My son Dennis Jr. and his family have joined the team as well as Sharon Eyring from Baltimore. Dennis has a vision for Montenegro, and we have already taken many trips there and are making contacts.


Train Others

Our vision is to open an international Bible College in the north of Albania for training of disciples from the Balkan countries. Part of their preparation would be to go on mission trips to their countries and then have lasting works established by the graduates.

Pray and Knock

We know the days are short and the doors are open. Please pray and knock. May the Lord of the Harvest bring many souls to glory from this forgotten land.  – Pastor Dennis Hulett