Chiquita and Serbia


Serbia mission Belgrade move

Yes, it really happened. We moved. The banana boxes are the living proof of it. Thank you, Chiquita.

Team Belgrade Serbia


We feel so privileged from day one because the very same day we moved to Belgrade also the “Go5” team have arrived to support us. “Go5” is a summer project of MBCS students to go and visit churches across the 5 continents of the world and be part of the mission work in local churches.
As you see David Knechciak is in good hands

They loved us despite the unpacked boxes and they lived this mission together with us. We ate together, we prayed together, we went soulwinning together – we were blessed together. It is amazing how grace poured on our lips and revealed in our midst can produce Christ centered Body life. We are blessed. We are blessed. We are blessed.

It is all your prayers that make the difference in this mission and we thank you all for your bowed knees before our Lord for these precious people in Serbia.
Since we came, we did not stop preaching day and night. Preaching is the foolishness that God has chosen and we believe it.
We preached in Vienna at P. Dragan’s church on our way to Serbia. They are amazing former-Yugoslavian people. Then we preached when we met with P. Kornel Balazs and his group. We also preached in a local Baptist church of brother Simo Ralevic, who is well known in the Balkans as the author of many theological books.
GGWO Belgrade YouTube channel:

P. Dragan Jevremovic, P. Tomas, P. Kornel Balazs
Vienna church
Serbian meal
. Tomas and P. Dragan preaching at a Baptist church in Arandjelovac