Church Planting in Texas


Starting with Prayer

Prayer is not overcoming God’s reluctance, but laying hold of His willingness. by Martin Luther

Inspired by Deuteronomy 14:22 we took January and we dedicated the first month of 2018 to prayer and at times fasting. We as a team sought the Lord of the Harvest corporately, individually and as a family. From the first week we saw the hand of the Lord moving in our midst and in the Kingdom, providing His wisdom, corrections and resolutions where we sought for it.

Team EverGrace

As our team grows so do the amount of kiddos. At present we have 35 youth, from toddler to teen. Texas is certainly the land of big families. With at least 13 families of mixed ethnicities in our core and growing, we are busting at the seams. Pray with us as we are now in need of pre-teen class teachers. February we plan to start off our check-in program for kiddos at our functions. Right at the start employ high standards of trust for our youth ministry.


February 16-18 we have an exciting seminar with Pastor John Hadley hitting the topic of true Valentine’s love, the self-sacrificial love of Christ on the cross and how that transforms every relationship in our life: dating, friendships, blended families, child raising, relationship with ourselves, and our personal calling.

Thank You HNW Church

Pastor Steve Bezner and Houston Northwest Church heard we were in need of some equipment for our kiddos’ ministry. They notified us and graciously donated check-in printers as well as flat screen TVs for our Sunday school rooms. HNW, like the Macedonian church, gave out of their need – they themselves have to bulldoze about half of their campus due to Harvey damage that totals about 15 million dollars. Pray with us as we pray for them.

Life Groups

At the end of December we talked about starting two Life Groups, these are home based discipleship groups. As January ends, we now have 3 and 1 more waiting to start in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

1 Disciples 3

We want to believe God to reach more people in our spheres of life in two ways. First, to pray and choose five people that are not saved or unchurched and lead them to Christ. Then, take three of them and disciple them into the Kingdom. Pray with us as we see this starting in our core.

Committed to Missions

This month as we discussed our budget, we affirmed our commitment to a vision for foreign missions. We are taking 10% of our income and dedicating it to missions outside of Texas. We are taking on missionaries in India, Ukraine, and Central America. We created a coffee blend inspired by this vision!   – Pastor Christian Moore, EverGrace Church