As most of the world begins its plunge into the coldness of winter I thought of this verse in Isaiah 28:20b about the covering narrower than he can wrap himself in it. We will be teaching on coverings this week in Herald Harbor.  We are privileged to have proper coverings.  Not only are we covered by the blood of Christ, the robe of righteousness, and the seal of the Holy Spirit,  but we are also covered by the Word of God, Pastor-Teacher, and civil laws of both our country we are from and the country we live in. 
Covering of the Word speaks of a molten veil. Liquid metal poured over us so that we are never exposed. We are covered by love and we cover by love. Never exposed. The earth is covered by a rainbow, never to be exposed to destruction by water again. We are covered over with the hand of God the Father and Christ. 
What happens when we stop operating in the coverings provided by God through the scriptures? We get exposed. Our weaknesses are seen. We become vulnerable to Satan, and the evil world attacks. Oh, we think we are covered. We have deceived ourselves with our own covering but not the covering of God. Isaiah 30:1
It takes humility to come under (is that not what humility means?) the covering of God. To submit to who or what He has placed over us. Even though we may be promoted to be a covering we never outgrow the need to be covered. Don’t find yourself with your backside exposed and cold, because of not being humble enough to be covered with the covering God has provided.  – Pastor Duane George

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