Crazy Month


Have you ever had one of those days that feels like three days? That’s how this month has felt for me, but in a good way. 

300 miles just with God

I realized a long time ago that with all of my activity it is vital that I find time to clear my head and get with God so I started walking every day. I listen to messages or pray as I do a multi-mile loop around my neighborhood every night. That private time is what fuels my public ministry. I highly recommend finding time to just be with the Lord one on one without thinking about the cares of this world.

My pedometer tells me I walked 300 miles in October. 300 miles with God.

So much happened. Are you ready for a ton of pictures?  –Jon Cook

Harvest Party at GGIS. I made a costume. It was awesome. I was getting eaten by a shark.
Fun day with Korean youth group playing laser tag and enjoying a trampoline park.


My birthday week. I was overwhelmed by the love that I was shown from all of my “families” here. My ninth grade students decorated my room, brought presents, and my church had a cake




The next week the Korean church had a young people’s retreat. We went about an hour outside of the city for a weekend and prayed, worshipped, and of course ate amazing food.

IMG_4963 2


fun day