Eternity in hearts


Joy of Mission

Morning devotionals with the Matthew family start off the days with God’s life. There is much joy in ministry as we go to nursing homes, share introductions, lead Bible studies, and youth meetings with 15 or more teens, and go on outreaches to college students in town. We go and show the Jesus film and then give out food, drinks, and hygienic supplies to people still without power and water. This kind of life is exactly what I have been asking from God for a long time!


In Haiti, I was incredibly impressed by the levels of poverty and open trash everywhere. There were open sewers with pigs and goats and dogs rummaging indiscriminately through trash heaps. God knows my heart broke before I even got to the outskirts of Port Au Prince.


In Saint Marc we showed the Jesus Film in an orphanage run by Pastor Anous. I shared a brief message on God choosing to adopt and love us in His heavenly family. Seven orphans prayed to receive Christ into their hearts.



After the great Bible college graduation, we went to Dinare, a six-hour hike uphill into the mountains. I carried almost 100 lbs of baggage most of the way. We showed the Jesus film, gave new tarps for the church there, and a filtration system that could filter a million gallons of water. Pastor Julian administered cleaning agents and antibiotics to the heads of many kids with scabies.
The hike and views were breathtaking, I came back burnt to a crisp, but so happy to have participated in it.
-Daniel Post, MBCS graduate on a mission in the Caribbean