Finding “Timothy” in Tirana, Albania


September 11th of this year marked our tenth anniversary on the mission field. Starting with two plus years in Bulgaria and now nearly eight in Albania. Through the years the Lord has raised up many faithful men and women into discipleship and ministry.

Now that the main church in Tirana is established, the next phase is to raise up leadership and eventually the Albanian that God will call to the Pastorate.

All of them are men of the Book, Bible College students, evangelists, and prayer warriors. Click To Tweet

We now have five mighty men serving in the office of deacon. All of them are men of the Book, Christian College students, evangelists, and prayer warriors. It is an honor to be numbered with them. The vision for Albania is now being developed from the viewpoint of Albanians. I know God will do great things to, with, and through these men.

Please pray for them specifically by name: Saimir, Endri, Edmond, Vero, and Tomi. They all share time in the pulpit from time to time to develop their preaching gifts.


An additional praise report is that Tomi is now in Baltimore for one year in Maryland Bible College and Seminary. I know that the Holy Spirit has separated these men to the Gospel and the work He has called them to.

Please pray with me that God will reveal “Timothy”, the one that will replace me as overseeing Pastor of the church in Tirana.


There are many villages and cities within Albania which have no church. Many people have never heard the Gospel. God has graciously provided a van, and we need to exercise faith and wisdom on how to effectively use it.

Ervis, a doctor and member of the church attended a course in Philadelphia on medical evangelism. He returned with many ideas on how to reach the lost with the Gospel using home visitations.

The countries of Macedonia, Kosovo, and Montenegro have villages of ethnic Albanians. We have contacts with some of these cities, and plan to do evangelical trips soon.

It is an impossible vision, but those are the ones I like the most. Click To Tweet

An impossible vision that has been on my heart for some time now is to develop a missions sending school in Albania. All of the Balkan nations are woefully under reached. To have a center where men and women can be trained up and also experience firsthand missions with constant exploits to neighboring countries during their training with the goal of establishing permanent works. Dorm houses for the students, guest teachers, creative outreaches, personal spiritual development, prayer chains.

It is an impossible vision, but those are the ones I like the most. If the work is of God, He will give the grace for it.

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