Grace Feast


Grace Increase

Grace greetings from Nansana, Uganda! We thank God for His abundant grace; in 2 Corinthians 4:15 that grace which increases in us, overflows in and through us in the midst of afflictions. Because grace is increasing in us, we faint not; we never give up in the midst of the battle! Christ is increasing in us and the more He increases, the more we decrease.

Grace Feast

In July 2016, we were honored by the presence of Pastor Renaldo Brown from Zimbabwe, Pastor Jabulani and his wife Buyi from South Africa, our brothers Anthony from South Africa, and Kevin Panicker from Baltimore, USA. We had amazing fellowship at our Grace Feast. We were touched so deeply by the messages. We discovered that in all our tribulations we need an encourager. One who will encourage us in the grace of God so that we are filled with and controlled by it in any affliction.


I thank God for these men that have chosen to come every year to encourage us. Encouragement is crucial in these evil days; in Deuteronomy 1:38 God speaks to Moses to encourage Joshua to take over the Promised Land.

It takes an encouraged man or woman to see clearly the spiritual realities in this evil world.
It takes an encouraged man or woman to see the vision and run with it.
It takes an encouraged man or woman to run and finish up his race with joy.
It takes an encouraged man or woman to win a city for Christ.
It took encouraged men and women to enter the Promised Land.

See Beyond

We all need a Moses, a Jonathan, and a Ruth in our lives that will help our spiritual eyes to see beyond ourselves. This is what many of you are in our lives. May God give you His exceeding grace!
Our Grace Feast began with the Ladies workshop that went on for 2 weeks until Grace Feast service on a Sunday. Different churches send their ladies for these discipleship classes. When these ladies go back they disciple other ladies in their churches. This time the workshop had 45 ladies and we thank God for their lives.



After the Ladies workshop we had a youth conference. 80 youth came out to this 2-day conference; 10 came from Nambale, Kenya. Pastor Okana Joseph and his team have witnessed God to do an amazing work through them in that region of Kenya.


Following the Grace Feast, we had a pastors’ retreat. 14 pastors traveled together to Northern Uganda for a great week filled with teaching and two conferences. We remember each one’s face. Our time of fellowship as pastors from central Uganda with the pastors in northern Uganda was amazing. This we do every year.

Kenya and Rwanda

When we returned from northern Uganda where we have 16 churches, we went to Kenya where we had an amazing conference with an attendance of 450; this was their first conference in this region. From Kenya we went to Kigali Rwanda, to start off the work in that great country.

South Sudan

A new work has begun in Kiryandongo in August with Pastor Manyok Joseph. He is from South Sudan and trained in the Bible college here in Nansana. Several times he has tried to start up works in South Sudan but because of the war in that country, the works can’t stand. When he ran from his country with his family to a refugee camp in Uganda, he was elected to be the chairman for that refugee camp of 3,000 people. When Pastor Manyok came to the Grace Feast he was encouraged so much that when he returned he started a church in the camp. Currently he has 67 people coming to church. He will begin a Bible school right in the camp in January. Please pray for him, his family, and his country.



I want to thank God for your love and support to the ministry here. When I sit down and reflect, I can testify that the hand of God has made this to happen. Please pray for guidance of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our children in the orphanage. Our target is to have 100 orphans. Now we have 35 orphans and 65 on the waiting list. We would like to take them in; please pray for God’s provision in this area.    –Pastor Sam Muhima