Diamond in Heidelberg


Treated like Royalty

God wants to edify His children, and He uses His people to do that.  This is just what He did in Heidelberg this summer.  Some of us on the Summer Harvest trip led by Pastor Gary Groenewold went to Heidelberg, Germany, the home town of two of our team members, Hannah Kaiser and her younger brother, Joel.  Upon arriving, we were treated like royalty!  Two of us stayed in the Kaisers’ home and some others stayed with their grandparents, Annetta and Friedhelm.h3


Along with seeing the local sites and having some refreshing quiet times, the main focus of this trip was a Bible study held at Annetta’s beautiful place.  About 35 people were able to come.  This was a time of re-uniting for so many, though for some, like me, it was a time of meeting for the first time.  Yet even for me, it also seemed like a reunion.  Within the Body of Christ there can be such a unity even with believers who have never met before, and I experienced this in Heidelberg in a very powerful way.  We went there to encourage and be a blessing to others, and that certainly happened, but what I received in the process was so much more.  Personally, I am built up, edified, encouraged and blessed by knowing Friedhelm and Annetta, Dr. Mattes and Juliana, Pastor Tahir and Inna and their precious children, and too many more to list them all.h2



These few days went by too fast!  I would have loved to remain longer, but this will always be a special treasure I can hold dear; greater than the Hope Diamond or the entire contents of that sunken treasure ship out in the Atlantic.  Please pray for this amazing group of believers in Heidelberg. by Angina Whipp, MBCS graduate