Eternal Time

What a great convention it has been. It was an eternal time for me. I was able to take time and talk to people rather than running around all over the place. Another great thing was to get to sit with my wife in services. 
Listen to the messages on line.  The theme was great “Love, the more excellent way” It brought me back to a message preached by Pastor Stevens, “The Highway of Holiness” 

Humility Exalts Love

The word excellent means a higher way the is by far above any other way. How we get on this highway or higher way is first to be humbled, lowered. To live 1 Corinthians 13 love we need to live in absolute humility so that love can be exalted and take us to a higher level of godliness, God likeness, in situations when the average believer is mired in mud.

It is when we are able to take on Christ identity in a situation and be a willing sacrifice for another through humility that God exalts us to this higher highway, the more excellent way. 
Pastor Duane George