India Water Shortage or Gospel Shortage?


Severe Drought

May is the hottest month in India. Water shortages are everywhere. Villages with no access to water. Slums with few water taps. People fight over the lack of water. Many languish and die in the heat. No air conditioning.

Living Water

In the midst of such despair our heroes, the Indian pastors and Christian disciples, step in by grace. Pastor Pradeep in Orissa and Pastor Ganesh in Mumbai have been going into the slums and villages passing out much needed water. First, they preach of the living water of Christ that never runs dry. Many are so happy to receive the love of Christ that they have never known before.

We rejoice at their mature and bold leadership and the faithfulness of the team of disciples working with them to get the job done of reaching the lost. In this we see the faithfulness of God.

Pray for Pradeep and Ganesh and their teams to be fruitful for the glory of God. – Pastor Doug Pearson