Keeping the Fire Burning


A Testimony

Last week a student from my Bible class walked into my classroom during a break and just stood there smiling at me. It’s not uncommon for this to happen, but this time it was a little strange. This student is new to GGIS this year so I don’t have such a strong relationship with him yet. I smiled back. We stood like that for a few seconds. It was kind of awkward. He then said “I became a believer yesterday” and walked out.


That’s amazing! I caught up with him later during my break and talked to him for a minute. He said that he had been praying and thinking about becoming a Christian and decided to the day before he spoke to me.

How it Usually Happens

If you’ve read my newsletters before, at the end of every school year we have a survey that we give to all of the high school students asking them some spiritual questions, “Do you understand what it means to be a Christian, are you a Christian, would you like to be” etc. Once we receive these back we can pretty easily gauge where our students are after all of the teaching we have given them through the year. I have never had a student come to me and tell me that they accepted Christ five weeks into the school year, though! Incredible!

I think that often times, if I am not actively aware of spiritual things, I can miss what God is doing.

Keep the Fire Burning

I lead a Bible study on Friday nights for our High School students. Our theme in September was “How to Keep the Fire Burning”. Oftentimes during our High School Retreat we have this amazing anointing and kids are fully aware of the presence of God. I have seen (and experienced) though, that just like the Parable of the Sower, there can be circumstances waiting to snatch away the seeds that have been planted. In our Bible Study we talked about how I can continue to live in that life, that spiritual awareness that I had in those anointed times. I don’t know if the kids got anything out of it, but I sure did!



Another big part of my ministry here is working with a Korean youth group. Last weekend I was able to go to the Korean Sport Day which brings together the Korean community here in Budapest. I was shocked to realize how many of these awesome people I have met in the past year working with the youth group. It’s amazing to me that I get to do this!  – Jon Cook