A Good Report from the Democratic Republic of Congo


Say not ye, there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest” John 4:35

Calling and Training

I was called and trained for four years in Greater Grace Bible College of Lusaka, Zambia. I was involved in church planting in Lilanda, one of the shanties compounds of Lusaka.

In in 2009, after Bible College completion  I was sent as a missionary to Kitwe, one of the largest cities of Zambia. I was ordained in 2010 as an associate Pastor and served in teaching, soul winning and preaching for more than two years in Kitwe. Going where you wouldn’t go!

God Met Me

Zambia was the country where God met me. I never thought of returning back to Congo, my home country. Just like Abraham in Genesis 12, it takes God to decide where we are to serve. So, by God’s will and sovereignty I had to go back home in order to be used for His eternal purpose.


Christ showed us a great model of starting a ministry, the priority of calling disciples. We use the same principle and continue with a great vision for all Congo and neighboring countries. We live in Lubumbashi, the second largest city in Congo, where we have planted a church and a Bible college. In April 2016, 12 students graduated and got their degrees in biblical theology.


All ages are included in God’s plan. Starting with the little ones, on Wednesdays and Sundays more than thirty children come for our Christian teaching program. They learn to memorize verses, Christian poems, to sing songs and play games.


Key Training Place

Some helpers have been growing under our teaching and are useful for the Lord’s work here. Bible College is a key training place for more leaders in the future. Bible College offers four years of training free of charge. We have had a unique semester with full attendance; students reporting to all the classes even on rainy days. Billy, my faithful Bible college helper, is very motivated to teach and has become experienced after two years of teaching. 

This semester, Billy teachers one and I teach two live classes. We also watch two video classes, one by Pastor Schaller and the other by Pastor Scibelli. They are very inspiring classes! 

concentration on a video class

Gracious God

God has been showing to us that He is gracious and  faithful, Philippians 2:6, 2 Timothy 2:13. We see His hand on us in situations we have been facing. He has healed many people in our church during this period of rain season accompanied by many seasonal diseases. 


People have been very faithful to the ministry and have been helping in different ways. The other sign of spiritual growth is that everyone wants to invite someone to church. I was moved by a brother who brought his friend who had never gone to a church before. This shows the sweetness of grace. Grace is received, and it goes further.

Prayer points

  • Christian education for children; Sunday school materials
  • Bible College: projector for video classes, financial support for teachers
  • Disciples: leaders and funds for student dormitory
  • Finances to visit sister churches in Kinshasa and Goma, also Kitwe just across the border
  • Means to attend regional Greater Grace conferences
    Pastor Emile & Yvonne Kisimba