Making a Difference


Finding a way

Despite the rules imposed due to the Corona virus, we still find a way not to forget the assembling of ourselves together (Hebrew 10:25). The rule given by the government to shut the church door on our members doesn’t affect our worship, fellowship and relationships. We meet in homes, and are careful to observe health precautions. We evangelize and do regular visits. Chadrack, a 20-year old boy received the Lord in brokenness. We gave him a Bible to help him strengthen his faith.masks

All-gracious God

I never knew who God really was until I met Greater Grace missionaries in 2002. They taught grace, lived by grace, spoke grace, and gave grace. Grace started to fill me. My wife started to grasp the grace message and minister it to others. Her cousin Solange, 22, has an amazing testimony about grace. She had lost both her parents as a young girl. We took her in when she was 15 and cared for her. Now 22, and she is a great help in our music ministry.

Grace makes a difference

Naciel is a special and kind lady in our church. She has gone through a lot of problems. My wife and I decided that she can live with us. When your heart is concerned with people, you see how God provides. We have a principle: “the less you receive, the more you give.”  Couples, young men in the dormitory testify to the ministry of grace. We receive from God and from those who minister grace to us. 

Hope in God

A year ago after the election of the new president we experienced peace for almost five months. However, there is a lot of crime in our city Lubumbashi. Thirty homes per night in a targeted area can be devastated by men in military uniforms. We cannot put our trust in men, but we have hope in the army of God and our eternal security.

Love and care

Thank you for being with us in prayers and support. Your love and care are not forgotten. We also thank you for keeping us trained with all the live videos for devotionals, church services, raps, etc. This is the uniqueness of our ministry! – Pastor Emile Kisimba