Love Message

Driving back to Nimes from Marseille on the motorway, Michel and I are talking of our time of soul wining and the privilege that we have to proclaim the only message that releases, gives hope, and that lies on the extraordinary fact of the life, death, and the powerful resurrection of our Savior Jesus-Christ. A simple message, a love message that meets all human needs and can better than any philosophy solve man’s problems.

Start New

The landscape and the road pass before us and our hearts are full of gratitude for the privilege that God has given us. After our return from Benin more than a year ago, God has put on our heart to start a new work in the south of France. I shared the vision with pastors, and they advised to consider Marseilles. This would complement works that are already established in France. We took their advice seriously and decided to turn our eyes to this new Canaan.

One Million

Marseille is the second largest city in France with a million inhabitants and is home of a large Muslim community. Located along the Mediterranean Sea in front of the countries that make up the Maghreb, it has long become the preferred host city for many migrants from these countries. But like any big city, Marseille is cosmopolitan and you can find African, Chinese, Jewish, and other  communities there.

Desire Grows

For several months, we have been traveling to Marseille every week with a team of brothers and sisters from our churches in Nîmes and Montpellier. The more weeks pass, the more the desire to establish a church in this city grows in us. We evangelize in the streets and then we meet with friends who open their house for a Bible study. We realize that we need a neutral and more central place to invite the contacts we have.

Move to Marseille

We plan to move to Marseille by the end of the year. We pray that several of those who are accompanying us every week will be keen to move to work with us for the salvation of the people of Marseille and for the establishment of a church.

Pray for

  • A room for the Bible study in the center of Marseille
  • Team members
  • A house for Isabelle and me
  • A heart that is always  overflowing more for the lost. 

– Pastor Luigi & Isabelle Palmieri