Every time the Lord saves a person it is a real miracle. I can’t look at such a miracle without tears of joy. God is so amazing!

Two weeks ago, a young girl came to visit us. We had been praying for her for a long time and telling her about Christ. She didn’t want to listen to us, rather avoided us. We continued to pray and fast for her salvation.

Then, unexpectedly, she came to visit us. I started talking about Christ again. The Lord touched her heart. She began to cry. And she decided to accept Jesus into her life. I couldn’t stop crying. When I hugged her, she kept saying: thank you, thank you.

Today, she came again. Her eyes were shining with joy. I gave two lessons on new believers. We prayed together. When I talked about Jesus, tears came to her eyes. She realized how much Jesus loves her.  – Mahfuza