Miracle of Church Planting


Note from 2012

God is doing wonders here in Livingstone. We are a small church but steadily growing. We moved here, my wife, our two sons, Pastor Gift and Clive 4 months ago. We have seen tremendous growth in church attendance and discipleship. We have also seen remarkable response to God’s initiations. We have a blend of members from different status in society: the employed and unemployed, the comfortable and the needy… This can only be the hand of God. Especially that we had never lived in this city before and had no prior contacts before coming here.

At the close of 2015

We stand to testify of God’s faithfulness in His work here. This gives us great confidence for the future despite the numerous difficulties in our country with the highest rate of job losses, our currency performing the worst in the world at one point, witnessing the worst increases up to 100% in most essential commodities, as well as our city being the highest in Zambia in HIV/AIDS prevalence. These things directly affect our members and those we are potentially reaching out to.

However, God has given us opportunities and opened doors to minister to anyone regardless of the need. We launched a program to visit the sick and dying in hospitals. We have seen a great response and encouragement from the communities around. We are doing this by partnering social leadership, with one our members being involved in caring for those living with the virus so that authorities do not hinder us from having access to the patients at any time of the day. We provide some material help where we can and minister Christ to them. 


We are now going to four years since we left our home city, Lusaka. However, we are not home sick because we receive visitors very often. We are also grateful for international visitors who have been here to encourage and build us up.

Year 2018

God’s work is going on great. We have two churches. The main church is in Dambwa, in a central part of the living areas in the midst of 5 compounds. Services there are on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings. The normal attendance is about 40-50.
We also have a church outside the city in a compound called Libuyu. We have an attendance of about 40 people on a good day there, too.
We have a Mission Sunday once a month when all of us meet together at the main church for worship, food, and fellowship. We have been doing this for the past year. We also have team fellowship meetings at one of the leader’s homes where we share the Word of God and have food together. 
Bible school takes place at the main church on Sundays from 2 pm to 8 pm and on Saturday mornings and afternoons. We have about 30 students every semester. About 20 students graduated last year. 
We have now four ordained pastors. Pastor Gift Mwanza is running the Libuyu Church as he is now a fully ordained Pastor. Pastor Martin Balengu was ordained last year in Zambia and he is helping in the Libuyu Church. We also have Pastor Zeal Banda who was ordained this year at Malawi Conference. He is helping in the Dambwa main church. 
Last month our thought for the month was “Grace and Truth” from a class taught by Pastor Scibelli. This month our thought for the month is “Thinking with God”. 
Pastor Bernard Ntalasha, Livingstone Zambia