Miracles in Your Family



I went to the Sight and Sound theater with my family for the first time. It was awesome. We went to see “The Miracle of Christmas”.  There was one thing that struck me as never before. We always hear of how hard it was for Joseph and his family to accept the miracle of Mary going to give birth to God. What about her family? We often do not think about it because they are not directly mentioned in the scriptures outside of Elizabeth. 


As a father, trying to put myself in the place of my daughter explaining to me that she is with child by the Holy Spirit would absolutely be a lot to comprehend. In the play, the portrayed Mary’s mother said: “We are used to these kind of miracles in our family. We have Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and lastly Elizabeth. We expect God to do miracles in our family.”

Give God a Chance

Do we expect God to do miracles in our families? When God does perform a miracle are we shocked? Like, wow, never expected that. I think there are times in our lives when we expect miracles to be done, but then there are other times when we never give God the option to do a miracle.


Starting now, and  in the New Year, let’s have an expectation of God to do multiple miracles in our families that effect many for generations to come.  – Pastor Duane George