South Africa

I am Rwandan, born and bred in Congo. In 2003, I met Greater Grace in South Africa, started off with Bible college and ended up being the director of the Bible college, head of outreach and an assistant to the Pastor at Greater Grace in Pretoria. The church has since then trained capable men who have taken over the GGBC Southern Africa Bible college.

Heart for Mission

When we got married, the one underlying fact that characterized my wife and I was our desire to be missionaries. We recently moved from South Africa to Nairobi, Kenya and have been settling well here. Everything is falling into place as God would have it. We found a good school for our daughter Imani. Swahili language is the most challenging class for her.

We are thankful for good relations between Kenya and Rwanda which makes it possible for me to be in Kenya. I have to leave Kenya every 6 months because of my Rwandan papers.

Bible and Outreach

Some 5 people come to our weekly home Bible study. We call our fellowship Neema (grace) Kuu (greater) in Swahili.

Every Saturday we go out on evangelism. People are receptive and hopefully our Bible study will grow. My wife Eva has a Bible Club for kids and hopes to start a study with women. She has a passion for women and children.  – Pastor Oshumba Hategekimana