News from Ruthie


Expectations and Growth

At the beginning of this year, we had great expectations from God for the new year. Already, we have seen some of those expectations realized. Our church is steadily growing with new people coming in and getting knit into the Body. With the amazing outreach gift of Sharon Eyring and Ann Marie Pallotta’s fervent inreach, our church has increased in numbers and strengthened in unity. With spring opening up in the Mediterranean, more outreach possibilities including Mime, Sketch board, children’s ministry and more are available due to the warmer weather. I am thinking of doing face-painting, but I’m insecure about doing it. 


We had an encouraging time at Eurocon in Poland. During the conference, I had a dorm reunion with my Bible college roommates from 2019. Never did I imagine a blessing as wonderful as spending Eurocon with Chelsea, Lea and Ester. These girls were just like a cup of fresh water after a desert hike. I needed their laughter, their encouragement, their joy and everything. I will never forget that Eurocon. 

More Missions

This year, we plan to go to the Izmir conference at the end of May. We pray to have a full van of people going. I hope to come to Baltimore for the Convention, but it would take a miracle. In the first week of August, we have our Mediterranean conference on the beautiful shores of north Albania. Week after that, we go on a mission trip to the Balkan countries. All are welcome and we hope to have many visitors. 
My little companion Luna is growing and healthy. Thank you for all your prayers and support.  Ruth Hulett – Tirana, Albania