News from Iganga, Uganda


Church Planting

The church team goes to villages and towns with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has resulted in over 15 church plants both in Uganda and Kenya.

Bible Training

Bible College training is a very necessary preparation for the work of the ministry. Unless a pastor is trained, he cannot be a good steward of the Word to the congregation. He needs to know, live and preach the truth. Students coming from rural areas face financial challenges. Another challenge is the lack of actual Bible college facility.


Children in a rural area are educated in Biblical values at a newly started a Christian Day School. It is a vital ministry as children are the future church. Church cares also for orphans. Some families house them and have put them in the Christian school.

Help for the Pregnant

The church has a Pregnancy Resource Center for girls and women who are under a lot of pressure to abort their unborn. Abortions are common in Uganda, although it is illegal. Due to poverty in homes many babies are aborted every day. The Center counsels pregnant women against abortion and has helped many to keep their children. The ministry values the sanctity of life. Nobody should terminate a life apart from God who is the giver of life, Jeremiah 1:5.


A lot is going on and we ask for prayer for financial support for the pastors in Iganga snd the orphanage, for the Bible college enrollment to increase, and for the Pregnancy Resource Center. –Pastor David Kisaame

David Kisaame, a pastor/teacher and church planter was saved in 1992. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical studies from the Uganda Bible School started by Greater Grace missionaries from Baltimore, MD. Currently he is stationed in Iganga Town, Uganda.