Pilaf and More



We had a great time with believers in Tashkent and Almalyk. We met in Almalyk and then the next day in Tashkent. Rimma from Almaty, Sanjar who is studying at a Bible college in Baku, and Aziza were with us 


Jeanne, a classmate of  my wife Mahfuza, really liked our meeting and fellowship. They had not seen each other for more than 30 years.  After the meeting, they talked for a long time. Please pray for Jeanne’s salvation. 


On the third day, we had a prayer walk in Tashkent and also enjoyed a very delicious Uzbek pilaf that Aziza made.


In a train we ran into Stas with his wife and son. They were on their way to the city of Navoi. We pray for all the 12 regions of Uzbekistan to have Greater Grace churches. Greater Grace believers are serving in four cities in our country. It is so encouraging to see people who love Jesus Christ and have dedicated their lives to Him. 


Back home in Samarkand the Body of Christ gathered together for an evening prayer meeting. Please continue to pray for Uzbekistan. A special prayer request is for many of us from Samarkand and Tashkent to be able to attend the annual Central Asian conference in Kyrgyzstan. – Pastor Toir