Prayer and Rain


We had not had a prayer night in years, and Lord put it in my heart to start again. We prayed until four in the morning. We decided to pray for every region of our country. We prayed for Samarkand and its 14 districts, too.

We decided to go to a district of Samarkand every week for a prayer walk and to meet people and to make friends with the purpose of bringing them to Christ.

We decided to go to the district of Jomboy. To be honest, this was the first time we were going there. In the morning, projections from the atmosphere attacked out minds  The weather changed and it started raining heavily. I got a bit upset when team members decided not to come.

What should I do? There is no one to go with and the weather is terrible. I started praying and decided to go with my wife anyways.

We had a very good time praying for Jomboy. Now we want to go there often.

Please continue to pray for our trips to the 13 regions of Uzbekistan and the 14 districts in the Samarkand region. – Pastor Toir