Forward in Faith


Blessings and smiles

This past spring and summer has been amazing, filled with visiting family, trips, and conferences. In May, I had the privilege to visit Helsinki, Finland for a friend’s wedding. I witnessed so many small blessings that just put a smile to my face while also getting to see my friend start a new chapter in her life.

In June and half of July, I visited the USA. During that time, I saw many family members which I hadn’t seen for several years. By the grace of God, we had the money to make this trip and made it to Convention.

Beyond Wonderful

Only a week after returning to Albania, I went to the Scotland Summer Harvest. The time in Scotland was beyond wonderful. Pastor Fred led a group of us through Glasgow and Edinburgh. We got so many contacts and salvations, especially in Glasgow. I pray that a church will start in Scotland because the fields are so ready for a harvest. People are open, hungry. Being there, I realized how desperately Albania needs prayer and a revival. Hearts here are cold.
Mission to Scotland

Blue Water

Days after the Summer Harvest, I went to the Mediterranean Conference in Borsh, Albania. Situated at a beautiful beach surrounded by mountains, Borsh is a small piece of the Albanian coast on the border of the Adriatic and Ionian seas. I had never swam in water as blue as this. I had the opportunity to befriend and invest in the Pallotta’s granddaughter.

Ministering in Tirana

We’ve just begun Bible college fall semester. I’m taking two classes while doing all of the audio/video for them and the services. My main ministries are AV and bookkeeping for the church. I also started a dog ministry with two others in the church who have dogs. My prayer is through this we will meet other dog owners at parks and share the Gospel with them. Our church is pet friendly which is rare in Albania.
We also have three outreaches during the week as we focus on church growth and strengthening.
Thank you for your prayers and support for Albania.  – Ruth Hulett, missionary to Albania