News from Seoul



It is springtime here in Korea! The insulated coats and jackets, gloves and mittens, hats and scarves have all been retired to closets to enjoy a well-deserved rest. We are spending more time outside these days. Last Sunday afternoon, I went bicycle riding with Petros, one of the brothers in our church, and his two children Samuel and Hannah. Thank God for blue skies and sunshine.


Nikki Colby visited Korea last month. We were blessed to have her be part of our fellowship for six days. She spoke at a dinner for ladies in our church and their friends.  She has a beautiful ministry to mothers and daughter of all ages, and I
was able to participate, too. We have had visits the past two summers from her husband, Pastor Mike Colby, and we hope that both will visit again soon. Their portions are much appreciated by our local Body.

Speaking of visitors, we are expecting visits from my parents, Pastor Bruce and Kay Dunbar and from missionary Jon Cook. They will all be arriving the week of April 7. Jon will be with us for five days and my parents will be here until May 23.  Please pray for their safe travel, health, and ministry here.

Summer Plans

Something else that you can be praying for is my summer schedule. I will be visiting the US for the month of June and returning to Korea July 6. Our annual East Asia Conference will be July 24-28. After that, I have been asked to return to teach at an English camp in Sri Lanka for a week. I had a blessed time there last August teaching and sharing the love of God. Of course, I would like to go again, please pray for God to provide time, money, and vision.

Bible College

Our first spring semester of Bible college we have been studying New Testament Biblical Geography. We have students from China (and one from the US) participating by Skype. Who knew so much spiritual life could be mined from looking into the geography of Israel and the world of the Early Church? Not me, at least, not before I began teaching this class. We have enjoyed discovering the significance of places in our Bibles.

English and the Bible

The new school year began the first week of March here in Seoul. Grades 1-12 all went back to school after a two month break, and I was happy to meet my new students at Yeomyung School. I have twelve girls and one boy in my class, and it is my challenge to teach them English through the Bible – or is it to teach them the Bible through English? It is my prayer
that they will learn English and get to know God. This is such a special ministry, since all these students once lived in North Korea. Some are already believers, but some are not yet. Pray that God will give me fresh ideas as to how to approach this class.

Easter Outreach

Our church is planning some Easter outreaches. Traditionally, we have been going out on Easter Sunday and handing out Easter eggs and sharing the gospel. This year we are going out on Palm Sunday to do the same thing, but we will also be inviting them to come celebrate Easter with us and enjoy our potluck lunch. 

It’s Worth It

Finally, I want to encourage you to attend EACON 2019 here in Seoul. Our East Asia Conference last year had many visitors from places in Asia, and it would be so encouraging for them to meet YOU. I know Korea is far, far away, and it can be expensive to travel here during the summer months. I know it can be very hot and humid. I know it can be scary to come to a country where English is not the primary language and the food may seem unusual if you’ve never had it before. But I want you to know this: It’s worth the trip. I came here in 2013 to attend EACON and visit Korea, and in 2014 I moved here and have been loving it. We have an amazing little church in a fascinating country. We are planning a missions trip to Japan after the conference. Perhaps you could visit both Korea and Japan in one trip. Perhaps it’s time to spread your global wings and fly to Korea!       –Pastor Dan Dunbar, Grace Missions Church