The All New All the Time


Here am I Lord, send me

Dreaming of being able to do this again…meanwhile…creativity bubbles to the surface

I am sitting here and realizing that this call has not changed. Many things have changed. The way in which we relate to each other, our daily routines, and seemingly simple things have become complicated, but not our God. 

We will all be changed by living through this season and will never forget many things. I don’t want to forget the altars that God has built in my heart. Forgiveness, thankfulness, simplicity of faith and hope for tomorrow.

These were oftentimes Christian-ny phrases that would often breeze through my mind . But now they are  living Word “rhemas” from the Bible. I hold them dearly in my heart as I walk through the park or on the streets of Belgrade.  “The joy of the Lord is my strength”….a particular whispering of the Holy Spirit to me when I really felt as if I couldn’t take another step. “Enter into joy, I am there,” He said… ah, the sweetness.

Are you OK?cp

SO,…I got out the sewing machine, made a mask, and went in search of God’s creativity for the Serbian people. We stood in lines like the rest of the world to get groceries and while many declined to speak to me (maybe it was just the English), I began to ask people: ”Are You OK?

God led me to the right ones. A young girl named Olga. An only child. Her parents were older, and now all the care for the family was on her. We stood 2 meters from each other as she cried under her mask. I asked if I could pray for her, she said “ yes, please.” So we did, right there in the line.

Two days ago I went to the health food store.  Only one person at a time (it’s a small place). Neither clerk spoke English…so..

But never fear. Our creative God had Dragana. She was next in line. When she heard my speech she just came right in.  “ Ach, we are Serbians,”she said, “we help our guests.” We had a great talk later, outside, and were somehow laughing about English, Serbian, and even some Hungarian words. I didn’t give the gospel, or even mention God, but He was there. She said,”Oh, I needed that laugh so bad, thank you.”


My days have been very solitary as I am the only team member here at the moment. However, God has been building altars in my heart, and I’m so pleasantly surprised by His creativity.  These are not in any particular order, but here it goes: Pastor Schaller and the message on “Altars,” Pastor Gary Groenewold and a lunch devotional about “Washing Feet,” Pastor Love and the 2 Chronicles lunch devotional, Pastor Justin and the “Proverbs” lunch devotional, Pastor Dennis White and the Good Friday thought about ”a personal charge “ in the cross life, and so many others.  I go to church daily on Zoom to the live Baku service… just WOW! So thankful and blessed to hear from Pastor Matti and many others.

Jeremiah 31:3 has been a particular meditation. How he draws us over and over.  I have also been stuck in Psalm 22.  To see Jesus.  Psalm 22:11. Jesus on the cross, He eclipses all other loneliness and suddenly I am on holy ground.  No words can describe this worship springing forth from remembering and reflecting on the cross.

Unexpected Altar


Awed by the scent in the air on a recent walk….thank you God for this life.

Please pray:

  • that Pastor Tomas and family would return from Czech Republic to be with us.
  • that we would have the right words to encourage people here.

Thank you, thank you to everyone for your personal prayers and support during this time. 

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Just dust,

Carolynn Peters