The Gospel Light in Europe


Colorful History

If Israel is the cradle of Christianity, then Europe is the place where the baby takes its first steps and grows into a fully developed man. Europe is full of colorful church history and Christian culture. Hundreds of years ago, Wesley was broken by the visitation of God at Aldersgate; Calvin established the principles for normal church life in Geneva; Huss taught in Prague; Luther shook the world in Wittenberg. There are innumerable places where revival fires were ignited by unknown preachers, who declared Christ in farmyards, in churches, marketplaces; Hungarian peasant preachers, Laestadians in Lapland, the Huguenots in southern France.

Today’s Europe

Though the cobblestones, church spires, and historical records of many European countries are blanketed by the immeasurable works of the Holy Spirit, there is little evidence of a deep and satisfying understanding of Christ in the minds of Europeans today. European socialism built its house with man’s talents and disciplines. It organizes society from the cradle to the grave, with lavish programs of human services, education, and welfare. God and a living faith are poorly represented, if at all, in the daily lives of Europeans. Traditional Christianity is looked at as another hollow institution.

Europe’s potential

Since a team first went to Finland in 1975, we have seen God bless our mission in Europe. We have ministered in most European countries and have seen the powerful effects of the Gospel.

The potential to plant churches in Europe is great. Teams are needed with faithful servants’ hearts. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send workers to Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands… Let us not stop until we see Finished Work preaching assemblies in every major city on the continent of Europe, from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains, for Jesus Christ’s sake, amen.  – Pastor Thomas Schaller