Trip to the Philippines


Two-week Mission

This past November 2018 I had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines with four other Bible college students and a pastor on a two week mission trip. On this trip we visited two Greater Grace affiliated churches and spent some quality time with them.



The bulk of our time was spent in Dumaguete City, which is a small city in the Visayas region of The Philippines. While we were in Dumaguete, we spent time with the Body, evangelized different parts of the city and surrounding areas, visited the homes of church members, visited a couple of neighboring islands, hosted a youth rally, hosted a thanksgiving dinner, and spent quality time with the young people in the church.

Fire and Love

This trip really gave me a renewed love and fire for missions. While we were there God really put it on my heart to grow in my personal walk with God and my ministry back in Baltimore. Looking back on this trip, it was such a joy to spend time with the church in Dumaguete, and to get to know their young people more.  God is doing a great work there and it was such a blessing to visit them, and I would encourage you to pray for the church over there as well.

Go and Witness

I would encourage you if you haven’t already been on an international mission trip, just go and witness God’s incredible work throughout the world. Its truly a life changing and eye opening experience. – Ryan Green,  MBCS student