Seeking God Himself

There’s such a difference between seeking God through knowledge and simply seeking God Himself. When we separate knowledge about God from God Himself, the knowledge is not anointed. But when the Holy Spirit accompanies knowledge, the knowledge is anointed and helps us to know God more intimately.

In Exodus 28:41, the priests had to be anointed for service, dedicated and set apart. First they were washed with water and clothed in linen and fine garments. Then, at the tabernacle, they were anointed with blood, first on the right ear, then the right thumb, and finally the right toe (Exodus 29:20).

The ear speaks of hearing-knowing how to hear and being ready to hear (Isaiah 50:4-5). The thumb refers to the mind-knowing how to think once we have heard (Proverbs 16:3) and being ready to obey (2 Cor – inth ians 8:12a). The toe speaks of our walk, or manner of living-that we would know how to walk and where to go (Psalm 16:11).

May God lead us in hearing from Him, thinking with His Word, and walking in His purpose.

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