Find a Community Group


What is a Community Group?

– A Team of GG people dedicated to blessing their community.
– A group of GG people who live within certain geographical boundaries arranged by zip codes
– About 50 households per group


Community Groups Meet Two Needs

  1. Greater Grace Church has about 1800 people who come to church on a weekly basis from over ten Maryland zip codes. Community Groups provide a community-based fellowship opportunity for GG people and other neighborhood Christians.
  2. Outreach is difficult to manage in ten zip codes. Community Groups distribute outreach efforts and energy to the local level giving GG people the opportunity to reach their respective communities.


Why Do I Need to Be Part of a Community Group?

In a church with 1800 people like Greater Grace it is very important to have community based groups. There are people of varying levels of spiritual maturity, hunger for God, and involvement in every group. It has been said that a small fish is a big fish in a small pond. Every talent and gift is significant when you are on a small team. Community Groups foster an environment where:

– people can both minister and serve with the gifts God gave them as a blessing to the Body of Christ – His Church.
– those who need help and support can get it and from people they know and who know them.
– evangelizing is a team effort and it happens in the neighborhoods where we live.
– the legitimate human need for community is met in a wholesome, Christian, and spiritual way.