Categorical Thinking

When we begin to fellowship with the promises of God, faith is conceived in the unconscious mind. Love is the power of that conception as faith begins to develop. We can’t identify what’s happening, but as the Spirit of God brings in the promises through our unconscious mind, little by little those promises begin to form and take shape in the subconscious mind. Finally, in the conscious mind, whole categories of doctrine are formed in us! Now, not only do we have God’s thoughts, but we are thinking with God.

As this process takes place, God may bring in a desire to go on the foreign mission field. This desire may have been far away from our thinking a few years ago, but now the Holy Spirit plants the thought in the unconscious mind. At first you’re not even aware of a desire, but it begins to take on form in your subconscious mind, and it produces a great feeling. Then, through the objectivity and divine guidance of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, the vision becomes crystal clear, and you become conscious of what God wants you to do.

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