Malawicon 2019


Conference Collaboration 

As with anything, the more one does something; the more one improves. This was our 2nd year holding the regional conference in Malawi and we definitely improved in a number of areas. We had asked for the event to be bathed in prayer, and they were felt behind every detail.
In the lead up to the conference, we could see that it was going to be amazing. We felt opposition, but it seemed a lot like a mosquito nipping at our heals. For example, the night before the conference, we were bringing our pulpit and other supplies in to the hall. Upon arriving we saw a large truck removing almost all the chairs. After questioning the driver, we found out that the government had requested the chairs for a political event. That meant we would have to rent chairs at an added expense although we had rented the hall with chairs.
Thankfully we had had the presence of mind and we had made only half  the payment. The other half was to guarantee that we would get the chairs as well.  Once they brought the rented chairs to the hall, we released the 2nd half of the payment.
It was apparent how God covered us in so many instances. In the end, we had over 100 visitors  from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Congo, South Africa, England, Hungary, and the United States. Housing and feeding our foreign guests, could be seen as a burden; but the fellowship of God’s church made us not see any heat of details. Every guest was so gracious without one complaint. We said to ourselves that we are hosting God’s royalty, Kings and Priests; Revelation 1:6. 

God gives the increase

Graduation Day had over 700 people in attendance with an amazing 172 graduates of Certificate, Diploma, and Degree courses. In order to keep the graduates marching, we announced the names as if we were in a boxing or a wrestling match. By the end, our voices were gone, but it was truly amazing. As we looked around, we wondered at how all of this has happened. 1 Corinthians 3:6 came to our minds: One sows, one waters, but God brings the increase.
We sow seeds of the Gospel; all of you are watering with prayer, love, and support; and this motivates God to bring in the increase.  To see so many of our Malawian graduates, that would never had the money to graduate from a Seminary, crossing the stage cheered on by their families, was overwhelming.
Mateo ,one of our Children of Grace Orphan graduated!
At the Conference we had an amazing ordination of 5 men
We see God’s expansion as we promote the Grace message in the country of Malawi.

Please Pray

Again, we ask for your prayers, we have another month left in our Bible college semester before traveling to Baltimore for the International Conference
We feel we have found the right piece of land for our church.  We have asked the owners to wait for us to raise the money.  So far we have raised 70% of the land, but we want to be sure it is from God. Our church lawyer has OK’d the land as being legitimate, so we are waiting on God to finish the process.
We have begun Bible studies in the Eastern City of Salima under Pastor Matt and Lisa Sliva. Coming up in September they plan to be there every weekend to begin a church.
Pastor Albert has ordained a pastor to take over his church as he plans to move with his family and an assistant just over the border to pioneer a church planting work in Chipata, Zambia.
We continue to make trips into the northern city of Mzuzu. We have a pastor who will travel there monthly to put a church in motion.   – Pastor Chris Arman