Nothing Mundane

It is selfish to overlook what God has given to us. People take many things for granted. They do not realize that when God is in something, it is sacred. A place can become sacred as well as a relationship.

How do we get to the place where all things are sacred? Proverbs 1:7 tells us that in order to have knowledge, we must fear the Lord. This is how God’s character is brought into our lives; without it, things have no meaning or significance. Think of it, we reverence the Lord and all that we do becomes sacred. This includes serving and going about our daily schedule. All that we do, we do before the Lord. The Spirit-filled believer who has God’s knowledge realizes that nothing is mundane. There is no common thing. The simplest thought or prayer can become sacred. When we have God’s character we see that time is limited, and it becomes sacred (3). When we see how sacred people are to us, we will treasure their investment. Why? Not because of the people, but because their care is in Christ.

This all starts with honoring the Lord. Do not wait to treasure things that are sacred. Do it now before they are gone.

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