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The Making of a Saint

Evil and trouble are realities. These things God uses to fashion us to maturity. See the lives of Job and Paul. After all the suffering that Job endured, he celebrated his daughters. Brokenness came to him and softened his heart. This process also came to Paul who had 38 different sufferings. Grace is our sufficiency […]

Grace and Growing

Much of life is based on what you earn. But all of life is colored by the Grace of God. We are so invited to a life that is above. Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Szombor Szuk Sermon 12707 Date: 2024-04-28 Time: Sun 9:00 am

Mission Health Love

The Song of Songs is love. The context of your life is health. We grow from faith to faith. The sense of mission grows in our hearts. Start loving people and pray that God will send laborers. Love awakens our hearts and so we move and seek and search. (Matthew 9:36-37; Song of Solomon 1:4; […]

By the Spirit, our temporal lives is brought into an eternal work. Something given before the world began. God’s Word has a personal effect. We share those words and lives are changed. (1 Timothy 3:9) Speaker: Steven Scibelli, Thomas Schaller, Andrew Garner Sermon 12705 Date: 2024-04-21 Time: Sun 6:30 pm P. Schaller – Let’s turn […]