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Winners Who Can Never Lose

The Blood of Christ is enough to make us free from death. He won our salvation. Christ, the last Adam, manifested the righteousness that the first Adam could not. Imputation of righteousness by grace brings us into obedience from a new heart. Romans 3:10-25; Romans 5:6-10; Romans 8:1-10, 30-39. Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Steve Andrulonis Sermon […]

Get Back to True Value

Jesus entered into confrontation with the devil in the wilderness. Satan resisted all Satan offered. The Savior saw the value of us beyond the bread, the fame, and the kingdoms presented. He lived in worship and service and put the devil behind Him. (1 Peter 5:10; Matthew 4:1-10) Speaker(s): Peter Westera, Riisto Krama, Thomas Schaller […]

Conscience Deeper Than the News

Righteousness is what we are most looking for. There’s much immoral propagation that seeks power. A moral man like Joseph ran from the woman who lusted after him. We must obey God rather than men. Paul lived in his citizenship and submitted to the rule of law to a point. He stood for God and […]

Live in What Love Is

God pours His love into us. Also people pour love into us. Love is patient and kind and full of awe for His holiness. Let us allow to fill our tanks. Let’s not be leaking cisterns. (Jeremiah 2:13; 1 Corinthians 13; Proverbs 1) Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller Sermon 12395 6:30 PM on 10/23/2022 P. Schaller – […]