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The Arrow of God & the Day of His Power

God is transcendent. We are transitory. We are being brought to an end. Christ as the polished arrow was shot into this world. His power was revealed in putting Himself in the place to take the wrath. (Psalm 90:1-16; Isaiah 49:22; Psalm 110:3) Speaker: Zane Turk Sermon# 12681 Date: 2024-03-10 Time: Sun 6:30pm   Zane […]

Just Come Home to Your Father

Speaker: John Love Date: 2024-03-10 Sermon# 12680 Time: Sun 11:00 am P. Love – Praise God! Great song, wasn’t that? Amen. (Prayer). Pastor, if you just give me the other set of glasses so I can see. Thank you. Open your Bible if you would this morning to Luke 15. I think for all of […]