There is a distinction between God’s mind and the ways of men. When the Holy Spirit is in our life, we are hungry and thirsty for the deep things. Sparks are not good fire, and yet some follow after sparks. God’s Spirit is the light. We are anointed with that light. We are called by God into a fellowship which is a mystery. Proverbs 4:1-13

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, James Bryson
Sermon # 11480
7:30 PM on 5/30/2018


James Bryson

How’s everybody? I know it’s a little taboo that I have my laptop up here, but we’ll be alright.

I got back from Zimbabwe, amazing time. Three Zimbabwean pastors ordained. Also starting a new church plant. The work is expanding and growing. Your prayers carried me and the team and P. Renaldo. It’s been grace.

Are you ready? I hope you are because I’m not! I want to speak about living in a place of rest. Living in a place of rest. I know a lot of times we come from a place of isolation. We like to isolate ourselves and hide in our houses. I’m speaking to the choir but some online could be here. We take the pain from the past and worries from the future and that makes up me, my natural disposition. We live in the events that happen in the past, the times we sinned and can carry that burden. It can be like a swollen mass that eats away at our emotions. We can live this way but Christ wants to give us rest. That’s one of the promises he gives us.

Heb. 4:9, this rest, this peace, this tranquility in our lives God wants to give us this. He wants it to be our possession. Walk and live according to this rest. Paul had this inward conflict in his soul at times.

Rom 7 he said “I” 31 times. He would look at himself. When started to look at himself, there started to be a lack of rest.

Rom 7:18, the will is his attitude. Paul said I had the will, the attitude to do good but how to perform it, accomplish it I have no clue. He’s saying I have no rest.

vs. 24. Paul is painting a picture. Back in his day, if you murdered a person, they would put the body, your victim, around you. They strapped it around you. That dead body would begin to decay. It would eat into the flesh of the murderer and eventually kill the murderer. He is saying his sin is like a dead body wrapped around me and eating away at my life.

vs. 25. Christ taking his dead body decomposing and causing us unrest and placed it upon himself at the cross. He’s taken this body of sin and death and placed it upon himself. How can we enter into this rest?

It says in Heb 4:2 we believe. We believe and then we enter into this rest. We receive his word and then experience his rest. We rotate and muse on it in our minds.

Like Eph 1:3 God given us all spiritual blessings in Christ. I love “in Christ.” A lot of theology words that describe the believer like expiation, redemption, and propitiation. But one of the simplest terms is we are “in Christ.” All spiritual blessings in Christ. No condemnation for those who are in Christ, Rom 8:1. Seated in heavenly places in Christ. This is how we find our rest. We don’t find our rest in the things we possess. We don’t find our rest in confrontation and contention. I was driving through North Ave and saw two women going at it, fists flying everywhere. Wow, they have no rest. In reality in their mindset I’m actually trying to find rest here. Once I take care of this situation, I’ll have rest. It’s different in the economy of grace. In Christ, we have our rest.

Ps 16:11 in God’s presence is the fullness of joy. In Christ we find our rest.



P. Schaller

It might do somebody good to go to Zimbabwe! That’s so good. Praise.

I’d like to share a little about praise and prayer.

Ps. 148.

As a preface go to Proverbs 4. Any of you know a prodigal son that has gone off? Has it happened in your life?

Maybe not a relative but someone that once was doing well and then moved off like Prov. 4:1-2.

Down through to verse 13, you see the father speaking to the son or daughter and saying wisdom and understanding forget it not. This is what the H.S. does for you and me. He teaches us and leads us in the way of thinking and wisdom with application. Exalt her.

vs. 8. This is so precious. Exalt her, wisdom and she shall promote you. Importance of this embracing wisdom. God’s mind. We sit and listen. Highest form of worship is listening to God’s word.

I praise God we have learned this and it gets brighter and brighter, better and better, 4:18.

Prov. 4:13, here comes the prodigal son.

This is what he does. vs. 14. This happens. An evil man is sent, an evil woman is sent and the believer has a connection with the evil man or woman and they have a lot of energy. They have a spirit and you may not discern it. It is a strategy of the devil. One of the best ways for the devil to attack the believer is through another human being. Seducing them or drawing them in with their way of thinking. You might say pastor we all can think many ways. Yes, but this isn’t what I’m saying. We are people that have the H.S. and the mind of Christ. We think a certain way in the mind of Christ. When the Bible speaks to me personally, it becomes rock solid in my heart and mind. This is what I believe. Not everyone believes the way I do and I disagree with them. I don’t agree. I don’t argue. I just live a different way. I evangelize and pray for people who think differently. I’m not perfect but this chapter is about the spirit of wisdom and the mind of wisdom and another spirit, another mind, another direction and purpose. These people are in the world. They are part of our life. They live with us, work with us, and are part of life. They are on the TV and everywhere in the world. They are called here in the Scripture “evil.” You got to get used to this. You need to digest this and think about it. We are in a world where tolerance is the key word. When you say someone is wrong, they don’t like it. You are religious and old fashion and so on. You have to go beyond those words and understand there is a huge difference between God’s mind and the mind of men by nature or demonic influence. The prodigals walk in wisdom, learn it, grow in it, and then in their loneliness, weakness, confusion, distraction not paying attention. Look at the verbs. Get wisdom. Forsake her not. Exalt her.

What will she give you, vs. 9. An ornament of grace, a crown of glory.

One of the fundamental messages of the Christian life is that Jesus was hated in Jn 15:16. He was hated. You might say I know but this is a world of love and we get along with each other. I know what you are saying but you got to go beyond what the common philosophy or way people are in our culture. Don’t say anything to offend anyone and don’t disagree. Be careful not to be judgmental. It’s correct we are not to be judgmental but there is a distinction between God’s mind and the Spirit of God and the ways of men. If the world hated me, it will hate you. That’s tough. You can see it in a spiritual way. There is a presence of a lie in this world that contradicts Christ. This is where the seduction comes. This is where the believer is making a way in his mindset and he doesn’t want to be recognized as being distinct or different. He doesn’t want to draw fire or be seen to be different. He just wants to get along. We all want that. But then there is the issue that has deeper significance. In my own heart, the truth sets me free. The ways of men do not set me free. The ways of the world. The ways of religion, the ways of self-righteousness, the ways of being judgmental, the way of worldly thinking without Christ. There is no freedom there. There is simply interaction. There is no joy, no praise, and no conviction. The prodigal son is getting along with his group. Do you have any joy? No. He doesn’t have any. Where is joy, praise, prayer, discernment, that statement by Jesus that you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free and you shall be free indeed. You can’t live in adultery and say I’m a believer and I live in adultery. It contradicts. It’s evil. It’s not freedom. It’s the world. It’s not God. I can’t be dishonest in my dealings with people and say this is the way the world is. This is how it is today. There has to be something much more.

Prov. 4:14-15, she may get you. She meaning from the Proverb, Ec. regarding the temptation and this seduction. It’s not only sensual. It can be social, intellectual, religious, many forms that evil is in this world. We usually say money, sex, and religion. These are the three powerful tools of the natural man. Religion crucified Christ. Love of money is the root of all evil and sex is causing so much heartache in this world. These are powerful elements nobody int his room could ever handle without the Holy Spirit giving us wisdom.

vs. 15 when you feel it and sense it, hang up the phone, walk away, don’t have anything to do with it and turn away. How am I going to reach the unbeliever? Don’t worry. God will but you are not the person. You were being seduced. You will end up in a bar room, drunk on the street, floating on the river.

I met a man from another country in Europe. He paid a prostitute $10,000. He fell in love with a prostitute. In tears he’s telling me the story. He’s not saved. He said my wife found out about it and I’m losing my wife. Falling in love with a woman not you wife and getting into this whole mess. Avoid it. Pass from it.

These evil people sleep not except they have done mischief. Usually if done mischief, you can’t sleep. They can’t sleep until they thought mischief, vs. 16. Not nice people. They will find the prodigal son or daughter. You say prove it to me. End of chapter 6.

Prov. 6:26, if you have a precious life, someone will hunt for you. They’re hunting for you. I believe the devil cares more about us than the unbeliever who is already in his kingdom. When you get serious with God, the devil went after Christ when he was serious after God. Adulterous can be a metaphor for someone who has the power to seduce. A businessman may hunt you down. This is a dynamic spiritual world. I didn’t intend to speak about these things but here we are. I wanted to speak about joy. This was the prelude but it’s getting heavy.

Prov 4:17-19. They stumble in the party or business contract. The whole thing looks amazing but something not right. Something I should avoid. I don’t know, I’m just saying. I’ve been thinking a lot with fellowshipping with God and him giving us his mind. If we have his mind, it will make a difference in who my friends are, where I go, what I look at, who I talk to, what is important to me. Our mission is worldwide missions. World evangelism. Our mission that God raised us up for 50 years of ministry is touching the lives of people in different parts of the world. Not everywhere. It would be great but that’s not the point. God puts you in Ghana, in another city. God puts you in Santiago. He puts you in Budapest or Izmir Turkey. We are not everywhere. We just want God to individually call and put us where he wants us to be. The Spirit of God has anointed us and this is our mission. People meet us and we have a message. That message is the difference between a person walking on for decades and shining brighter and brighter as the perfect day is coming versus after one year being a believer and have nothing going on, just part of the world and no testimony, no joy, no power, no message, no prayer, no moving mountains, no believing. I’t s the same. I’m a Christian and have a party like everyone else. Jesus, I believe in Jesus but I can tell you little about him because I don’t go to church. Why? Don’t have any interest in it. This is different from what we have found. When the H.S. is in our life, we are hungry and thirsty for the deep things. We want to know God and his nature. We want to enter into his courts with praise and gates with thanksgiving.

We want to find the joy that is in his presence, Ps. 16:11. We what to know what is at his right hand, pleasures forevermore.

Seven things on earth not in heaven and 14 things in heaven not on earth from Revelation, Chapters 20 and 21. Seven things on earth won’t be there and 14 things there not here. We have the Spirit of Christ. The Spirit of Jesus. The words of Jesus, the mind of Jesus. When we get moving in that direction, you can be sure there is a temptation to be with some person, usually sharp, smart, happy, cool, and groovy. They are fashionable, capable, great personality and so on. We have fun when we are together. We have a different kind of fun. We have a seriousness that results in joy. We have a godliness that is the source of our emotional stability. We have a holiness that we enjoy. The presence of God is here. This is what feeds us and fuels us in our life of deeper life. Christ in the midst of his people. Today I was feeling a spirit of joy and thanksgiving. Sometimes we pray for messages. God give me the right mood and message as we gather in your name. This is our life. We are interested in your things. We are on a mission for world missions. James Bryson goes over there from the streets of Baltimore and prison where he got saved. Amazing man of God. I don’t want us to know you that way but I just said it on the internet. It doesn’t matter. A young man and anyone of us. To see these things and sense it in our spirit. Say in our heart yes, Lord. It gets better and better. It does. Shines brighter and brighter and surely there is someone hunting the precious life. Wants to bring me to something. It says a piece of bread, a morsel of bread.

It might be fun in the first night or week or first month but then I lie down in sorrow in Is 50:11. The light of our own fire isn’t good enough. Sparks are not good fire. God’s Holy Spirit is the light. We are anointed with that light. We are called by God into a fellowship which is a mystery. In that fellowship we see good things and true things and a lot of love for the unbeliever. Those doing their thing might not listen to us. Some are getting tired of the mischief and the trouble. They say not me. I could never be a believer. Yes, you. Come to God. They don’t know this but the demons oppress them. I am blinded and have a heavy heart. It is no good for me to be part of that company apart from the fact you and I have a message for them. Christ is the answer to change their life to deliver them and set them free. The Holy Spirit can work on an evil man and bring him to the end. The unbeliever becomes a believer. The prodigal says I’m tired of all this stuff. I need to find God again. I want to sing songs in the house of my pilgrimage. The Lord will deal with me abundantly.

He will surround me with his righteousness in Ps 119.

Convention is coming. Be encouraged by it. I don’t like it when anyone says anything negative about the church out of pride or criticism. People hanging out smoking cigars or whatever they are doing and hammer the church and the leadership. That is not of God. That is not God’s mind. We are not much. Sometimes we are boasting all the day long in the Lord. That’s in the psalm. We boats in the good things. If you go beyond our words, we don’t think much of ourselves. We are not doing anything. We are sowing and watering and God gives the increase. If he gives the increase, why not talk about it. If God is with us, let’s say it and believe it.

Others should be quiet. They have a different opinion and I don’t care to listen to them. God has their number and he can put the brakes on their life. They can go around the wilderness for 40 years.

We’ll go into the Promised Land if you are ready. Put off the old man and put on the new man. Learn wisdom and have conviction and be persuaded and wise. Instead of becoming a prodigal, you are wise in God and bring the prodigal to a place we call home. This is a place God has given us, a place of rest.


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