God has imputed to us His holiness. He delivers from bondage and oppression, from blaming and vanity. We can be filled with His Spirit unto a fruitful walk of vitality and joy and righteousness. (Proverbs 11:4-5; Isaiah 58:3-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11257
11:00 AM on 5/7/2017
P. Schaller

Prov. 11:4, there is a day of wrath and money cannot change the situation. There is a day when all of us get old and we’re going to die. Some may have a pile of money in the bank but won’t mean anything on the day of death. But righteousness delivers from death. What is R? What does it mean? What is it in my life today, this morning? You are a born again believer and one of the things God did was he gave you R as a gift. His R, it’s a great word. It delivers from death. It changes our lives. We are different from others who are not believers because we have the R of God or the rightness of God, the nature of God in us. The holiness of God has been given to us. This is how your life has changed by the H.S. coming into your life and you understand what it means to be born again, a new creation, a child of God, a person living by faith and a person that experiences the R of God.

We’ll speak about that plus the word “repentance.” How a person changes and understands the word in a good way. What it means to say I am sorry about this. I don’t want to do this anymore. I realize this is wrong or not right. I realize this and I am believing God has a better way for me. A way of change. A way where God himself is in my life and I’m able to experience him and know him in a real and personal sense. I’d like you to see something about this R.

Prov 11:5, Rom 10. Like always we pray the H.S. will anoint our meeting and our teaching and you will leave this morning carrying something in your heart that is real food for you. I love when a message comes to us and we really think about it. Some go home and think about it, study it, or talk about it in the car. They talk a little more about it. I love when that happens. On a Monday you can remember the message that came on Sunday. Many times people ask, what did you preach about? Usually I don’t remember but it takes a word and it comes back. Yes, it was this. It’s like a seed and it kind of unfolds. There is another kind of R not useful.

Rom 10:3 they being ignorant of God’s R. When Christ came, they did not understand him or his message.

When Christ came to Israel, they did not understand his message. He spoke not in theological terms but talked about farmers, and a man had two sons, and a wedding feast, and parables and stories. They could not argue with him. They would get angry with the fact he would not speak on their terms.

They got angry with the fact he was popular, raised Lazarus from the dead in Jn 11, healed the woman bent over like a hair pin in Luke 13. They being ignorant of God’s R.

We described it in Bible Psychology class that the heart of man has a hole in it. God is missing is what the hole represents. Man tries to connect with the things of the earth. The various things connected with desire to be valuable, significant. He may connect with parties of people, a girlfriend, money, reputation. When Jesus came into the world, he had the heart of David or David had the heart that was satisfied with God. We have God in our life and when we have God we have R. We have holiness. We have him. His nature. How could anyone expect to follow God except God would put himself in the person? Now we are hungry for him or desire him. You cannot yoke an elephant with a horse, a goat with a cow. In the Law of Moses, you not allowed to have unequally yoked animals. Christ said take my yoke upon you. My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

How could I be yoked to Christ unless I am like him If I’m ignorant of God and his R, I establish my own righteousness in vs. 3. This is what we call self-R. I establish my own R. I fast once a week. I pray every day. I read the Bible very often. I attend church on a regular basis. Do you know the R of God? I fast and pray often. Yes, we applaud you for those disciplines. Do you know not self-R but God’s R. Pastor, how can we know them? What is the R of God? If we talked to Job…God applauded him for being upright but he also knew beyond Job’s godliness and he eschewed evil meaning he avoided it. Even though Job was a good man, God wanted to teach him something bigger and deeper. God wanted Job to know him.

It’s described in Is. 58.

Rom 10:3 one more time. All kinds of religions including our own. A man could say I go to the church but I have to be honest. We need to be honest with God and say I sleep with my girlfriend. We say there is something deep going on in the heart of the man. He says God is speaking to my heart. What do you mean? There are Christians all across this country they sleep with their girlfriend. I don’t really know in one sense numbers but I know the principle. “God loves me. Jesus came for me and I love my girlfriend.” I know the story. I’ve been a pastor for 42 years now. There is something on our diagram about this R of God. When you are born again, God makes you a righteous person. It is imputed to you. You are R by the mind of God. It is the reality that is in God’s mind. When he says you are R, you are. I don’t care what you look like or say or think about yourself. When he says you are R it is imputed to you. If you are born again, he has imputed the R of God to you and you have it. God changed his mind about us. We once were sinners and lost. In an anthropopathic way of speaking, the wrath of God was upon us, and we were condemned and lost. If we died, we would have been lost without God forever. That did not happen to you. It is incredible. That person who hung on the cross for us took our sin and God the Father imputed to us his R, just as the Father imputed to him our sin. He became sin for us.

We might be made the R of God in him 2 Cor 5:21. Christ took our place.

To know that Rom 5:21 sin reigned unto death. What reigns unto life? R delivers from death. Sin is what produces death. Sin has reigned unto death even so might grace reign through R unto eternal life by J.C. I don’t want to lose you. Follow this with me. You are born again and R in the eyes of God. Imparted R. He wants you to experience it. It is the nature of God. He wants the R of God to be imparted by second in my life. He wants it experienced. The H.S to fill me. My mind renewed so I would think with God with the Spirit of God and realize the nature of God. This book reveals to me the holiness of God, the nature of God. In that life, I love R. It doesn’t matter what people are doing. It’s not interesting to me as this one is. Holiness is a joy. R is peace and freedom. Life is better than death. Grace is better than law. Christ is more interesting than Adam. I want to hear what Christ says. I want something different in this world. You can go to a bar room and hear people bragging and talking, we’re not judging but discerning and realizing where I want to live. How I want to think. What I want to embrace. What is real, true, valuable. What is better than what this world gives to me? This word “repentance” is connected to this word “righteousness.” There you see the difference between what is right, true, error, what is deception and you don’t know it. What saps my joy, robs my clarity of thought, takes away clarity and gives me obscurity.

Mt 21. We have a parable here in vs. 28-30. One of them said I’m not going. It reminds me of the life I used to live as an unbeliever. If someone said repent, it didn’t connect with me. I don’t have the will power. I can’t repent. No, I’m not going in the garden. No, I’m not going to a church or reading the Bible or changing my ways. Afterward what happened? How did this son change? Why did he change? R of God imparted to me and you. Now I’m listening like a thirsty dog, like a hart panting in the forest. “I know so and so slept with 21 girls.” Dogs do that. I know what that means. Is that satisfaction? Is that what I’m looking for? Am I looking for a way to satisfy all the lust of my flesh? No, this is death. R is life. When Christ came, this is what he came to give us. Heaven would be here on the earth not just to go to heaven one day. Not say I will go to heaven one day so I can live like hell. You have a cheap idea of God. I can follow the God that is awesome and holy and R. R delivers me from death. How much life do you have? I have life because of R. On Monday morning, I have life. I see so many dead people go to work on Monday morning. I see young people that have life. I see old people too that have life. But I also see old people that have life. I’ve seen pastors that are dead and pastors who have life. I’ve seen churches that are dead and churches that have life. What’s the difference? R. The Spirit of God dwells in us. We start to love R. There is a person sitting in church and sleeping with a girlfriend and God puts in his heart this love and desire [for God]. I love God. Adam and Eve ate from a tree. It doesn’t say anything happened to her. Now comes Adam. Adam goes, I love God. I love Eve and now I think I love Eve more than God. God said don’t eat it. Eve said eat it. What am I going to choose? Jesus didn’t love us more than the Father. Jesus loves the Father not the world. The devil could not get Christ to sin. It was his R that delivered him from death. He had to give up to die. He couldn’t die naturally. He had to surrender and lay down his life. He had no sin nature. Yes, our sins were put on him and to be judged but not like us. We fight to live. He didn’t fight to live. He laid down his life and gave it up because he was R. Even R delivers me from death, three days later Christ is raised from the dead because he is a righteous man. R delivers from death. Even in practical living when R is in your life you start to see things and believe things that are motivating in your life. My girlfriend can take a hike. Bye bye. Take it easy. That’s no gift to me. I have found another way. I have found the R of God. This is a big difference between people who play church or go for moral reasons or go to find God, get a walk with God and love R and have it in your life in a personal way. Your life rises out of obscurity when you love R in a personal way.

Is 58. We have the Jewish people fasting.

vs. 3. I want to explain it. You can read it later and study it.

vs. 4. Religious people get into fights with each other. People are fasting and sometimes it turns into comparison. I fast once a week and another guy I fast twice a week. I’m not drinking water. You are drinking water. We compare and get into self-R evaluations. When Jesus came, they were angry with Jesus because he healed on the Sabbath. You should be in awe he healed someone. No, it’s not legal. Jesus, when are you fasting? You’ll never know. When harlots, winebibbers and sinners I’m hanging out with them and you’re making a judgment on me and I am the R of God. You have self R and so you measure yourself with self R and end up empty. There is pride.

vs. 5. Christ said this is how you fast. Don’t let anyone know it. Don’t wear special clothing. Don’t blow a horn when give in the offering. Do it when nobody sees but my heavenly Father.

vs. 6. God does have a fast but not about food. It’s about me losing something in order to serve. Pray for the city of Baltimore. We said let’s have 100 people from the streets of Baltimore born again and come into the Bible college. We don’t do a lot but we do what we can. We ask God to undue the heavy burdens and let the oppressed go free. God wants the yokes broken. He wants the bad habits to be delivered. He wants the plaguing sins that occur over and over to be dealt with by his great grace.

vs. 7-8. It’s not a matter of will power. It’s God’s grace in your life and the Spirit filling you. You realize something about people and care about people. In your heart, you love them. God loves them. You experience the R of God. You’re not judging people. You’re loving and serving them. You’re not accusing people.

vs. 9. What kind of fast? This is one where God shows up. There is something going on in this fast. We have a deeper way of life. We think not in terms of comparing but God’s will, God’s mind. A man could say I’m sleeping with my girlfriend but not anymore. God has something better for me. He has marriage for me or something I don’t know about. God is teaching me and showing me the deeper life. I am drawn to God in my heart. My light will rise out of obscurity.

vs. 9. Lord, where are you? He says here I am. You wait on God. God says, here I am. One man I heard on this video about this man who had leukemia and he eventually died from it and he was talking to God through the process. He said God stopped talking to him and God had been speaking to him. But it was like it stopped. He was also angry with God about his situation and didn’t want to die. God was not there. Lord? And there is silence. When you say Lord, and he says here I am. That’s the most amazing thing we have in our life. It is the heart that God gave you where you are in fellowship with a R and holy God. My circumstances are not the primary element but a relationship with R that delivers from death.

vs. 9b. Take away the yoke. I have a yoke in me. I’m yoked with myself. I’m yoked with friends, girlfriend, Eve. Yes, Eve, and he eats it and then the sin effect happens to him and her. If I take away the yoke with Eve, but you should love your wife. I cannot love my wife unless it is God’s love. I can’t be a good husband without his R. It’s not a function of my personality, nature or will power. It’s a function of God’s grace. Grace reigns through R. This is a gift to everyone in this room. We are unique people. We are a holy nation, a peculiar people. We are not like the people with the wicked heart of man. We feed from another Spirit. We have another God. We have other friends, another fellowship. We are storing up treasures in heaven. We have the R of God that delivers us from death. If you take away the yoke, the manipulation, the bondages, the fear, the sin nature is yoked up with a million things he can’t break away from. Christ said come unto me…yoke is easy…light. My yoke he said.

vs. 9. If you take away: 1) the yoke. Putting forth of the finger. You, you, you. You’re my problem. I don’t like you. I judge you. I’m doing this with my finger. The problem is you. Where does the finger never go? Not often. It’s my wife, husband, job, economy, president, the global economy, the doctor, the housing market. On and on ad infinitum. It’s forever. Stop it God says. If you stop it and speaking vanity you will call and the Lord shall answer. Stop doing these three things. That’s like a fast. What is this kind of fast? Stop doing it. Yes, you can. Be Spirit filled. Speak in psalms…songs. Have a talk with your girlfriend and say it is over. He’ll say hit the road you idiot. I’ll be praying for you. I’m not stealing money. I make a decision in my life. Not lie anymore. Not have guys peddling drugs on the streets of Baltimore. By God’s grace and the nature of Christ and the work of Christ on the cross I will have an attitude and God will teach me repentance. What kind of repentance is it? My life needs it. I am learning it. You never outgrow it. You never say you don’t need to repent anymore. ‘I’m near perfection you know.” There is no such thing in this life. We live with a sin nature and also Christ’s nature. My sin nature is connected with my flesh. When you die, you are out of your sin nature forever. I have in me the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is teaching us and guiding us. This is fantastic. You know I am serious about it. You know this. This is amazing. We are going to heaven. We can taste the reality of God in life. We taste the R of God in our lives.

2 Cor 7:10, this is sorrow after godly manner.

2 Cor 7:9-10. If I ask this man to change, he can’t do it. Will you work in my vineyard? Yes, sir. But he didn’t do it. He can’t. When you are born again, you can. You cannot say no to your girlfriend when you are unsaved but can out of the moral law. But I’m talking about something extraordinarily way above the best of man. This is the nature of God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can repent in a godly way.

vs. 11. Carefulness it brought in you. There are seven words. You hear a message. It goes into your spirit and start to think I want that. The H.S. says I want that. I’m not going to steal anymore. I want to follow God. He could make me rich even if I don’t steal. I want a holy girlfriend or I want God to give me one or a man or husband. This is your business. He says here I am. Right on time. I am God. What are you looking for?

He will not withhold any good thing to those who walk uprightly, Ps 84:11. I am for you, not against you. Those that dwell in unity he commands a blessing. I am the answer, the way, the truth and the life. I send the H.S into the world. Get going with God so your life is changing and you go from faith to faith, strength to strength and from glory to glory.

Rom 1:17, 2 Cor 3:18, Ps 84 strength to strength vs. 11. You changed and repented. You didn’t give lip service. They say a blood hound, the dog that has an amazing nose, is a thousand times more capable than a human nose. It gets on track and can smell an animal or person. We are the hounds of heaven. We get on track and get going on it. You find the R of God delivers from death. Everyone else is dying but not me. I’m alive. The Spirit of God is a Spirit of life. Or God is not the God of the dead. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are in heaven.

Our God is the God of the living. He is the righteous God, the living God that cares. When you get your nose right with God and follow him, you’ll show up on Sunday morning and come back Sunday night and Wed. night. You have something going on in your heart from the Spirit of God. Great is our reward in heaven.

Great is the honor are heavenly Father has bestowed on us. You know who may shine as stars in heaven? They who turn people to R. We are in a plan of God where people turn to R. They see you and I. They say I want a piece of that. We say, Come.


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