Eating Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ wants people always to acknowledge reality and truth in their lives. It is the privilege of the Corporate Body to be built up and edified in truth, acknowledging every good thing that is in us in Christ Jesus (Philemon 6). The messages from the pulpit cover us and give our heart discernment through the power of the Word (Hebrews 4:12).

God wants us to acknowledge and realize the territory that has been lost in our lives. If people are inclined to emphasize one specific trend, then it is possible that they are losing territory without the just balance of God to meet their needs for now. God knows our needs and so effectively ministers to them to meet the redemptive plan for His Body.

God's heart is to always see the communication of Christ in and among His people. Many times what a Christian experiences is a result of Satan's lies and manipulation. God always builds us up in truth and faith. This is the purpose of the ages: that all of Christ be in His Body.

We need to agree with the healing power of love and walk onward by faith. We never stop and evaluate what has been lost without the wonderful conviction that it is working together for our good, and that it is instantly redeemable by our walk of faith in the power of Redemption. Now we are witnesses for God, prayer warriors, leaders, and Body edifiers; we readily acknowledge what we have lost through truth and then eating Jesus Christ in the midst of that situation.

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