Put On Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ, in all of His uniqueness and beauty, wants us to understand in divine perspective that no Christian is ever to “get in touch with himself.” That’s no way to be set free from worldly attachments. You don’t have to search yourself. The Lord Jesus-the God of all mercy, the God of all grace-does the searching.

If the Holy Spirit reveals that something is wrong in my life, I agree with Him and let Him turn me. The Christian life can be reduced to this simple process: First, you take off the old man. Then, you put on the new man. You do this every morning, just like you put on your clothes before you leave your house to go out in public. You put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and then you purpose to make no provision for the flesh (Romans 13:14). Spiritually, you can enter into the angelic warfare from a position of strength.

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