Nothing Beyond Its Sickness

Christianity can be insanity without Christ manifesting His divine mind upon every human being who has ever responded to redemption. Christianity can be insanity if a man lives in the incurable nature of self. Even in the church there is sickness. The professing church members may confess something they are not, may not experience what they confess, may not give what they receive, and may not live in that to which they have been redeemed. If a person on the one hand says, “God is love,” and then evaluates people on the basis of his capacity to love without entering into love’s redemption, then that person ends up with a form of love but denies its power. Christianity is insanity if love does not monopolize the Christian’s manifestation of life. A fainting heart cannot produce any more than its life. A sick head cannot give beyond the substance of its own sickness (Isaiah 1:5). If a church gets into legalism, jealousy, and judging, how does that stand with the health that God’s love gives to a people? People live in the sickness of their own mental attitudes and yet they profess the principles of Christianity. They themselves cannot experience what God says. They cannot give what they receive, and they cannot apply what God works in them.

God has committed Himself to us, so that we can live in the sanity of a sound mind, a mind that lives in the pure restraints of the Spirit, liberated to live above. We allow God to commit Himself to us with Life.

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