Put on Christ

We must have Christ on all the time. No one who has ever put on Christ has had the devil get through. A person who has come into an audience with Christ and accepted Him, makes no provision for the flesh and experiences no want. He does not consider a change in terms of the horizontal because the Lord is his Shepherd. He has the Word, the Spirit, and Christ within him. He does not need great changes spiritually because he knows that he is growing in grace.

Putting on Christ is first realized by being totally fulfilled within. A person does not have to develop or cultivate something before he is fulfilled because he is not looking for something to happen. Adam is the only one who has wants and needs and demands. When a person fellowships in a relationship that is divine, he is living in the provision: CHRIST. Putting on Jesus Christ is not girding yourself with concepts, but it is arming yourself with Light (Romans 13:12), which is the Person of Christ. That which I have put on constrains to give out, to revenge the powers of darkness, creating a capacity for light in other people’s lives. The investment of light may take over a stronghold of darkness and substitute victory there for death. God borrows your vessel to honor others, allowing them to experience God’s thoughts toward them through your pure and kind affections (Romans 12:l0). You bring out the best in their relationships with Christ because you have found Christ to be the best in your life.

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