We pray, God answers. God can show us our calling. The Father shall give the Holy Spirit
Prayer is about the Holy Spirit. Be doggedly focused on what God calls you to. (Luke 8:1-11)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11343
7:30 PM on 10/4/2017

P. Schaller

Luke 11. Jesus is praying in vs. 1. I always wondered what it must have looked like to watch Jesus prayer. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been there? Watch him prayer. It made an impression on the disciples. There was a time he finished and they said teach us to pray.

So he taught them this prayer, vs. 2-4. That’s a message in itself, not ours tonight. A simple, very simple prayer. Prayer is not complicated. It’s very simple but powerful. Then he tells a parable about it.

vs. 5. I don’t know about you, but I would not go to my friend at midnight. I think P. Scibelli would. He could call you any time day and night, no problem! Which of you would go to a friend at midnight? I’d wait until the morning. I don’t want to disturb him or trouble him. vs. 6. Now we have three people. My friend has come to me and I have no food. I don’t need the food but he needs the food. The city of Baltimore – I don’t have the problems the city has. I live here but Baltimore needs three loaves of bread. The U.S. needs three loaves. Las Vegas needs the three loaves. I’m coming to my friend for him. Do you ever feel that way? I’m coming even at midnight and say a friend has come and has nothing to eat and I’m coming in his place. I am asking you. It’s awkward. It isn’t appropriate but it’s in my heart. I’m coming to you for them, not for myself. This is what Jesus taught the disciples, didn’t he? He said it this way.

vs. 7. What would you say? Oh, ok. Sorry. Catch you in the morning. I didn’t realize it. You’re saying no. Ok. Later? Ok. That’s ok. Let’s think about it later. Let’s do it later. There is something in this story we have to get a hold of. When the H.S. moves in our hearts and we have something that the H.S. is doing, the H.S. is saying and insisting and persuaded. The H.S. is asking and moving us. Then we have something that the world doesn’t have. Prayer, intercession.

I was in the library at the Bible college and saw the pictures of the graduating classes. I saw hundreds of people that have graduated in Lenox through those years. Many of you were there in Lenox. This is what I remember about those years. It was we are going into the world, we believe in it, people are lost, we can do something, we’re not perfect, we have faith, and God is with us. We have this word and God hears our prayers. We open up a prayer room 24 hours. 24/7. How many were ever in that prayer room praying? Walking in the room there was a presence of God in the room. You took a slot, like an hour, at 3 in the morning or 4 in the morning. You walk up the sidewalk up Lenox Street…we prayed for years. God answered. Many of you he answered. Also the graduate in the photos, answers. It’s so stirring. Some pictures here. (Pictures of graduates). Year after year graduates from Bible college and people of faith and vision. And something in our heart. Being stirred up in it. Not stopping.

Someone comes and asks for bread. I don’t have any. Can’t you get me some? No, it’s midnight. But I have to have it. If you and I can feel and sense this, then you go at midnight. It’s like a wrong time. I can’t come out now. I can’t do this now. That’s when you resign. I’m done. I’m finished. Jesus said no. You keep at it. You don’t stop. You say it’s got to happen. I’m believing you.

Lk 11:8, I remember being with, I don’t know if I heard the story but with Hannelie, she’s in the Soviet Union, Russia, asking for a plane ticket. The person at the window said we are sold out. She said I need a ticket and I’m asking you for a ticket. How many times? Nothing. All sold out. She is insistent. She makes an overture of some kind and the person pulls a ticket out and gives her a ticket. Hannelie, how did you do that? They always say no at first. You make a deal and persuade them.

Are you like that in prayer or in your heart? Do you believe in GGWO that God answers prayer? Do you believe that God can heal a broken heart? Do you believe God can save a soul? Do you believe God has a plan for our nation? We’re not surrendering. Our nation comes to us and we need three loaves of bread and we need the cry.

Frank Corbiere said in Colorado they legalized marijuana. Did a lot of drug people move there? Yes. And there is amazing problems. DUI’s, state is taking children away from people high on marijuana every day and the children are neglected. 1300 children have been taken from their families in three towns and they are looking for foster families that will clothe them and fed them and take care of them. I think our leaders need prayer and that’s to say it nicely.

The way we have learned to live and what has happened in our work as we see Wilson Lippy as he has worked and done what he has done, it makes me feel inspired.

I want to think about those things that God has led us into. And to do it with all our hearts and not back off. Believe in evangelism. Believe that people need a word in season. Believe that people need help. Believe that we can go out on the street and share a message. I recently have this idea here on the beltway have another campus like this one, another church on the other side, maybe Owings Mills and call it the west campus. And we are looking for a place over there. I would preach here at 9 am on Sunday morning and 10:20 get in a car and go out to Owings Mills and preach at 11:00 and someone else preach here at 11. Do have some kind of rotation. Have an outreach and share the message and maybe start a Christian day school over there. Do it all over. Do it again.

We are healthy in our hearts and believing God but we are not finished because God answers prayer. We say Lord we need the three loaves. Lord, are you really sure about it? I’m going to put you through some fire and water. Are you really serious about it? I need the three loaves for my friend. What is going on with you? I think it’s the H.S. that put in our hearts these things. 50,000 Americans have dropped dead recently from drug overdose. We just saw a mass murder in Las Vegas. We are moving in a direction but guess who is here? You and I. Praying through. Staying on topic for maybe hours, days, maybe months, and maybe years.

Maybe the fact we got to go to the Soviet Union in answer to prayer. Maybe it was years of prayer that caused those doors to open. When we went into Uzbekistan, P. Matti said we have to do it now. In ten years the doors closed and they kicked the missionaries out but our work remains there and they are doing the work.

This is a beautiful time for healing of relationships because prayer doesn’t give up. It’s so tenacious and serious about it. Once we find God’s will and God’s way and his word. – Abraham said about Sodom and Gomorrah. Let me talk to you. I am your friend.

Ge 18 God said Abraham is my friend. Should I do this thing without telling my friend? Abraham said is it possible. You know how they went. What if and what if? Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed but not without God’s people interceding, asking because of love. Jacob was going to be killed by his brother. He stayed up and wrestled with God. God said let me go. No, I will not let you go. He got ahold of God in prayer. There is something going on.

Nehemiah in 1:4, he heard about Jerusalem being destroyed and Nehemiah started to pray and fast and think about it in Babylon. We have to do something about it.

P. Frank was telling me in Colorado 80% of the Americans out there under the age of 25 have never been in a church once. 80% of them. They’ve been to the mountains but not a church. It’s a mission field, our country.

Nehemiah prayed and God answered. Ezra prayed in chapter 8, and God answered. P. Stevens prayed and God answered. Here we are praying and God answers. We are not done. We are stirred up in it. I want to get ahold of this person who needs three loaves and hear what they are saying. I want the Holy Spirit to put it on my heart. Paul said weeping. Daniel was in trouble in chapter 2 and the king was going to kill all the wise men. Daniel sent the chamberlain. God will show me what the dream is. The king didn’t want to know the interpretation of the dream but to tell him what the dream was. Daniel said my God will show me. He got ahold of that thing and in the H.S. he prayed. God could you show me the dream. And God did. God can show us things. God can lead us.

I’m so happy we got a new team for Child Evangelism Fellowship for the schools. P. Westera told me he has quality people, these amazing people to help him in the Sunday school. It’s not money or volunteerism but my calling. What’s my calling? What does God want me to do?

I asked Wilson one time, when did you get saved? I don’t remember the answer. He said I was 51 years old. He starts with a vision and he goes for it and works hard and is focused on it. I’m sure many adversaries. He heard these young people. Unsaved people and people that are lost. He asked two young guys what does Christmas mean and these young American guys said, no. Do you know what Christmas means? They said no. We couldn’t believe it. Wow. You get the Spirit says to us I want you to pray and I don’t want you to stop. I want you to believe me and pray through and get this thing answered. God is not hard to work with. He doesn’t want our empty prayers. He doesn’t want our empty hearts.

When my heart is empty, Luke 11:9-10. Let’s say something is on my heart and I’m asking and don’t get an answer. Is that thing on my heart of God or just from me? A lot of things in my heart may not be from God. I want to get ahold of that thing that is from God. When God is moving us in our heart and in faith, we can ask.

vs. 11-13. Prayer is about the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit. If I have nothing in my heart, fill me with your H.S. I’m sure the Holy Spirit has something in his heart. The Holy Spirit cares about my family more than I do. The Holy Spirit has a plan not so much for the city but one by one the people here round about us, one by one. Praying through.

Peter was in jail in Acts 12 and they were praying and Herod was going to kill him. The Holy Spirit is saying my mind is not for him to die but live. Pray. And they prayed and an angel came and released him and it was done. What is the Holy Spirit saying? What is the Holy Spirit doing? I want the Holy Spirit to give me a heart vision for what is happening. What does God want to do? I think he wants more preachers, more pastors. The churches are empty and being sold in this country. Attendance has dropped off. The megachurches pick up people but might know what the Gospel is. They do not know the Bible the way we must know it for it to be the sword of the Spirit when we live by every Word that comes out of God’s mouth.

God is working in China. There are millions on fire for God in China. If he closes the door in Europe, he opens the door in China. I know it is not a problem with you and me because we have an open heaven. It’s good for us to be in a dark time. It would have been good for us in Nazi, Germany, in communist Russia, in the United States. When we find a deterioration of morality and character and relationship, it is good for us when there are fiery trials and waters flood the land and it’s good for us to find and know God. God, thank you. Release Peter out of jail in Jesus’ name. God, visit us in the meeting and three thousand are saved. God raises up men and women. God give us prayers that move and shake things. We are your people. We are in the wilderness but it’s a good thing because we walk with God in a personal way. If you have a broken relationship, marriage, family we are sorry but the Holy Spirit has something to say. You become healthy and loving and forgiving and Spirit-filled. The Holy Spirit will use you in a mighty way. If your business is falling apart, I’m sorry for it but don’t back off with God. God is the answer. The dear folks shattered by what happened in Las Vegas. We are sorry for it but don’t back off from God. The H.S. has something to say to us in every trial, in every situation.

He said men ought always to pray and not faint in Lk 18. We faint and get afraid. Now there is fear on the streets.

No, we don’t fear evil, Prov 1:33. We fear God, not evil. We don’t live in fear. I haven’t watched the news in weeks. I haven’t seen one minute of it. I’m only to tell you and to think with me I don’t need to know all kinds of details about evil work. I’m not living in any fear regarding our time. It is the Holy Spirit that has something to say to my heart. He will lead me in the important thing. Be doggedly focused on the important thing God has for you. Maybe some of you should get in a car and do a Bible study. Pull up to a pizza shop. I’m going to open up the Bible. Is that ok? Sure, bring them in and bring in all the money you can. We are messengers but we prayer. Prayer. Which pizza shop? Who is coming? What is the message? I want to get it from the H.S. I want the H.S. to give me an anointed message like P. Steve does at the bakery shop in Dundalk. Four to fifteen people and they listen to him. Let us pray like never before. Let us not back off in our spirit in a calling of God and wait on God. Wait upon him and he will heal you, help you, lead you and me and we will be led and we’ll see things happen. Even missions and missionaries.

Acts 13 they prayed and fasted and the Holy Spirit said separate unto me Paul and Barnabas for the work I have to do. They prayed and fasted and they laid hands on them and sent them out. That work is recorded in the Book of Acts. Many of your works are recorded in heaven. Many of the things God has called you to do are recorded. All that has happened, all those years through the pictures and precious people and answers to many prayers resulted in many good works around the world have been fantastic answers to Holy Spirit prayers.

Let’s pray.


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