Mary received something very small, but something so big. Once we follow God, we find we cannot follow anything else. We  the most important information and we build our lives in it. 1 Peter 3:1-7

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller

Sermon # 11587
6:30 PM on 12/2/2018



P. Schaller

I just want to give a shout out to the brothers that give such a time to feed us. We had 120 for breakfast for outreach. Very encouraging for me as a pastor to see the Body respond and go with Christmas greetings out to doors and streets.

Steve Young was telling me he had a divine appointment with a lady there and that encourages me. Someone in the doorway, – you know how you might be coming to bring the message and this is in a nice neighborhood and it was God. That’s so beautiful. God is working. God is speaking to people. A lot is happening in many ways and we are enjoying this, receiving the word and then counseling and receiving the word and listening and loving and available. Scotty and Bobbie Burinsky did the dinner tonight in the Fellowship Hall. We were really well fed and had a really fun time.

Before we start our service, let’s have a moment of quiet prayer. I know many of you work hard. Jeremiah says if you can’t walk with the footmen, how can you run with the horses? If I can’t do the smaller thing, how can I do the greater thing? I don’t expect to run with horses if God has me walking with the sheep. I want to go in his pace with what he is doing. If you are too busy, you are wearing yourself out. We’re going to do a message on the Sabbath. You need a Sabbath. You need rest. You need quietness. You need to shut down and be refreshed and deeply encouraged in your inner man. It’s ordained of God to have a Sabbath. I’m not talking about the law. Why did God say man needs to rest? Because he needs to rest. I don’t want you to fall asleep. Bring all the trash before God, all your worries and anxieties and fears and be at rest in God. Let him wash your feet. Let him speak to your heart. Let him love you and anoint you. That’s why we are gathered. He’s taking care of us, washing us and anointing us and refreshing us.

About 30 years ago, I was away from the church for four days. I came into the back door and I sat there and that’s all I needed. I hope you feel like that tonight. You are home. This is a ministry of the Spirit to you. This is Jesus loving you. I’ll be washed and encouraged and edified. This is our Sabbath.

It’s not to worry or have anxiety or fear or be guilty or troubled by anything at all. God is our Father and we are his children. That’s so beautiful. Quietly pray in your sit or just sit there and enjoy God for a few moments.

This morning, we gave one seed thought we could repeat tonight and expound a little bit. It had to do with Mary being told by an angel she would have the Christ. We said that Mary didn’t get a lot of information about her future and her situation. She received what the angel said. In time, her belly is extended and of course she explains it to her fiancé Joseph. We don’t know anything about Joseph except we understood he was a godly man and he treated and respected Mary. He had a decision to put her away privately or to deal with her publicly.

If you remember that message, there is the privacy and the publicity. He found there was another way, the third way. In our human life, we think of our solution this way or this way and we don’t know the third way. The third way the Spirit is speaking to you. It’s not about public or private. It’s deeper. Don’t put her away at all. Love her, treat her and respect her. Treat her with dignity. What has happened to her is of God.

That small but valuable piece of information is like us. We have Christ in us. That small package of information is leading us into huge comprehension, incredible understanding of highest quality. How many know with a biblical, doctrinal orientation what justification is and when they die they will leave their body and go to be with Christ. These things are written so I might know the mysteries of Christ. We have Mary’s knowledge and her situation. She could say I want more knowledge. I would like to know more about what is going on in my life. This is what we say too. I want to know more. I need to understand this more. I’m left hanging. How do I explain this to the public? What will my reputation be? Who is this person in my womb? It is the Christ. How do we explain it? Where will he be born? All the questions a human being could have.

Job 43:13 God doesn’t give an account of any of his ways. I want to step back from that and use this point to say Mary could have been very anxious, very worried and troubled by her situation. In a similar way, we too. I don’t know how much we know. Maybe we know very little. It seems we know very little but what we know is so valuable and precious and important.

The second point in this regard is the pressures on the outside of your life pushing on you and making you troubled. We read it in the psalms when David is so worshipful to God. He loves God. Then he thinks of his enemies and he goes, destroy them. Destroy my enemies. Take them out. Let them not get an advantage. Then he shifts to the inner life. He goes but God is my Savior. God will keep my feet from falling. God says seek my face. God is a high tower. God is my refuge. God is the answer. God is the one that speaks to me and encourages me. We have the outer life and we could talk about that for a minute. In Egypt, when the Jews were in Egypt, they were building cities for Pharaoh. I would like to say if you have a secular job, you are building cities for Pharaoh. The bad thing is to be in bondage to Pharaoh as you built the cities. Bad thing is Pharaoh would determine for you your life. I don’t own a home. I don’t own property. I can’t vote. I don’t have a passport. I don’t have financial resources. I don’t have freedom. My family is ripped apart because we are slaves and this leader, Pharaoh, has 2 million of us in bondage. Pharaoh says you want to worship God? You have too much time on your hands. You have to work more. Pharaoh goes, you want to worship God? I’ll tell you what you will end up doing, making bricks without straw. I have you around my little finger. I am your king and you are my slaves. Write it down and that’s the way it is. Christians don’t accept that. We are not here to build this civilization and be in bondage to this oppression and lies. This world is not about Egypt. It’s about God. It’s not about the leader of Egypt controlling my life. In typology, this is Satan. Satan says to the Jews, don’t even think about it. You’ll never leave. You will crush me. I’ll lose my job. I’ll lose all my benefits. I don’t have a future. You’ll crush me. The world says I will crush you.

I saw an interview with the man who played Jesus in the Passion. He said Mel Gibson told me when he considered hiring me and they kept it under cover. They were making a surfer movie called the Mavericks but it was only a front for the Passion. The actor is a Christian and he said Mel Gibson told me my career will be over if I play this part in the movie. He said I don’t want to be responsible for that. He said your career will be over in this town or Hollywood. It’s over. Pharaoh says you’ll be history if you even think about it. I don’t care about you. I have a living God. I have something else to live for. I’m not living for the U.S.A. I’m living for God and who Christ is. The more people do that I’m a better citizen of the U.S.A. I’m not working for Greater Grace but the word and the truth and Spirit and the better it is for Greater Grace or Johns Hopkins or whatever you are doing in your life. I wonder how I got on this subject.

I’m trying to say that Mary had little information but it was the real thing. Her belly is extended. She doesn’t have the whole thing down. She knows this is incredible. She knows very well this is a miracle. She is the one with her husband and not terrified.

1 Pet 3 regarding what happens with our emotions. We are amazed. In the King James it says we are amazed and it’s regarding women. Are you with me? Are you going to make it? You’re a great group. Praise the Lord. Am I preaching too long? Really I don’t care!

1 Peter 3:1- you are a woman gifted, talented, precious, and important. You could be a leader of a hospital or country like Margaret Thatcher was. You have a place in your family to be submitted to your husband. Even if he is an unbeliever and he’s happy to live with you. You are happy to be submitted to your husband in your spirit.

vs. 1. The wife is able to reach her husband not by preaching to him. You don’t need to do that. Please do not preach to your husband. He knows your inner beauty that is there. I know it can be tempting. You want to hit him over the head with a frying pan and get him moving. Don’t do it. You have the outer forces and then the inner quality, an inner quietness.

vs. 2-3. This is a beauty salon, the hair coloring we would have today. The special, the beautiful and there is the cosmetic world that we know about in our world. All of that and we say what P. Stevens used to say, if the barn needs painting, paint it! What do you think about cosmetics? If the barn needs painting, paint it. That was his country wisdom. There is something deeper.

vs. 4. There is one other part here about the husbands.

vs. 7. Two things for the woman: a quiet and gentle spirit. Meek, quiet spirit. Not to be hysterical. Not to be amazed.

That’s in chapter 3. I don’t feel led to take a lot of time on this.

vs. 6. The Greek word is terror. You have the idea of emotional excitement that happens. We could say hysteria. That idea the woman could get hysterical. She’s very emotional, very upset. That happens. That happens to men more in terms of anger. With women, it might be more emotional by way of the confusion and the emotion is so strong. The advice is to be submitted to the husband but he may be the one she is angry with. We may not know a lot. What about this? How are we going to pay this or cover this? We have in our family a lot of different stories.

Even this past week, my mom, a lot of things. She’s probably in Maryland right now. The Normans went up and got here.

Raising your children or teenagers. These things that happen to all of us. The thing I love about Mary is somehow I get this sense she is so focused in a scriptural way and understanding this is of God. She has peace. She is able to be quiet and meek. There is the external pressures. In Egypt, there are the external pressures that can worry us. You and I are learning to be spiritually minded and have the hidden man of the heart. That beautiful sense of peace, the Spirit, a quietness. Meekness is what I do not know or understand but this is your business. I am only your servant and trusting you. Quietness. Sometimes you have to shut down. I don’t know how you are living. I commend you are here tonight to hear words on this subject. You have to learn to be quiet in your environment. You have to be refreshed. You need sleep. Maybe you need a good nap. Maybe you need some sleep and get rested. You need a good book and quietness. You don’t need your phone. I shut it off and need at least an hour where I don’t care about it. I do enjoy it too. It’s a tool. It could steal from me my focus and ability to concentrate on the presence of God, the important things. We are in Egypt and working with our feeds on social media, the Twitter and everything else. We are in Egypt and don’t have a life anymore. Who are you? Do you stand for anything? Do you have any salt? Anything happening in your heart? Have you found anything from the Bible? So distracted by things going on and looking at this and that and it goes days and weeks and months and years. God is saying hello. I am the great feeder. Have you been fed by me? You’ve been fed by your Twitter account but have you been fed by me? Mary has received something very small in knowledge. But it’s enough. I got a little bit. Maybe we should go out in the woods for a half day and sit under a tree and not move. Look for God in the woods. Maybe we have to turn off our TV and everything. I’m a football fan in a way. I’m not a football nut. I don’t have to see all the time hundreds of hours of football. It takes my life. Quietness is needed. When Moses got involved, they got angry with Moses. Who are you anyway? Why are you here?

Ex. 4 or 5. It was okay before you got involved. It’s okay for you to be slaves? God sent me. I came here to shake it up. I don’t care what you think. It will get worse and then it will get better.

I met a Christian in Hungary as a pastor there shaking hands at the door. This woman said can I talk to you? She said ever since I became a Christian, my whole world has fallen apart. The worst things could ever imagine have happened to me. I said congratulations. It sounds like that happened to Jesus. She said, what do you mean? When he was water baptized, that’s when the devil came around him and led him in the wilderness. He was tempted 40 days and 40 nights and had the power of God to start his ministry.

Moses said let me get inside. You will see God and you start following God. You can’t follow anything else. Once you start following God, maybe these external things happen but I can convert it into the hidden man. What I got going on in the inside is undeniable. Mary’s belly is extended. She’s saying we got to go to Egypt. The baby is already born at that point. I did sign up for this. Gabriel told me. I’m in it and don’t mind it.

I’m not in terror or flipping out. I expect if this is God, we’re going to get in a little bit of trouble. I also have this hidden man of quietness, meekness, and trust.

My prayer is this would be happening all the time in your life. You would not have a lot of information but have the most important and built your life on that on what Jesus has said. When you do, you will be free. Yes, I will be working in Egypt by analogy, working in this world but they don’t have my life. I serve but they don’t own me. God owns me. I’m a great servant and it benefits the company to hire me because I’m an excellent worker. They cannot control me. They aren’t in charge of my life. A higher one is. That’s all I need to know and that’s what I want to live on.


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