True Rest

When a person is restless, he has not come to Jesus to find rest. He looks to himself and others to find joy and peace, but it is a futile attempt. The only true rest for his soul is the rest that God has provided for His people (1). There is a perfect peace and inner happiness for the people of God, which comes only through concentration on Christ and on the living Word of God (2). When a Christian’s mind is stayed upon God and His provisions, the mind is kept from rationalizing the problem. It does not focus in on details while the servant of God preaches a message. It does not have a bad self-image.

The mind that is stayed on Christ is occupied with grace, and is dominated by God’s love. It is this occupation with the Lord Jesus Christ that brings inner healing; it is concentration on doctrine that settles the emotions, heals wounds, and allows faith-rest to take over the mind. Faith-rest is more than just a principle. It is meant to be a reality in every believer’s life. Just as the word implies, it is a rest that comes from faith in God. Romans 10:17 says, “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” It is the Word of God penetrating your soul that will heal you.

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