Victory Is Ours

After struggling through years of drug abuse, alcoholism, and immorality, a couple became gloriously saved. The husband called me and all he could say at first was, "I never would have believed it!"

He went on to say, "The Holy Spirit did something in me. I was a stranger to God, but I heard about the grace of God, and there was a transformation so pure and so complete that it's hard to believe." This man's obedience to what he heard produced power in his life that now manifested the savor of God's life.

As Christians, it is imperative to realize that the victory is ours. God has called us to be witnesses unto this world, and our witness is to be one of triumph. We serve a God who always causes us to triumph in every situation.

This is what real Christianity is all about. We can spend far too much time living from beneath and not from above. He purchased us to be His children and to walk as His disciples. God's plan of redemption was executed so that we would live as the head, not as the tail.

Each of us can enjoy the greatest privilege, overcoming negativity and emotional turmoil by being filled with the Spirit.

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