What Is the Secret?

God has a secret place which is the most unusual place a man can live. It is a place where sin is not mentioned, but offers instead provision and protection in which one can live. It is a place where the wicked one touches us not. But why is it called a secret place, and what is the secret that God keeps therein? It is not a place where I abide conditionally based upon my behavior. The only requirement to get there is grace, and I can abide under an unconditional shadow.

God keeps what goes on there a secret. The secret place hides all the secrets of men. Thousands of preachers never get to the secret place with their messages. The secret place is a place where weak people can live happily forever and grow in Christ with an option of grace through faith.

The secret place is the place where God covers transgressions and does not impute sin. The secret place belongs to God because it has the Blood of Christ in it. The secret place blots out sins and covers those that people will not renounce. It is a place where God has eternally concealed the matter and then hid us in Christ. The secret place is where men have obtained eternal redemption and have been eternally redeemed in the mind of the Redeemer. The secret place is the unconditional love of God’s redemption, covering man with the Blood of the New Covenant.

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