What You Know

Consider these three points regarding our response to Bible teaching. First, people who are well taught in the Word of God will either be broken before God or they will become puffed up.

Next, every person is equally responsible before God for every opportunity He provides to hear the Word. This also produces the equal responsibility of receiving faith from every message.

Finally, we are to have a faith that serves every person at all times-mentally, verbally, emotionally, and physically-by unconditional love (Galatians 5:6).

Hearing and receiving the message of the Finished Work is fundamental to what Christians profess to believe, yet few ever grasp it. "It is finished" is the most powerful rebuke to whatever demon is plaguing you, but it is also the most uplifting word you can offer a soul lost in sin. Focus on the importance of internalizing what you know of the character of God, who finished the work and bids us to come.

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